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10 Most Irritating Features In Modern Cars Of Today 😒

A car, which once was a luxury has become a necessity for the majority. Well, there are a lot of aspects when buying a car and the wish list comprises a plethora of things. As there is a to want list, there also exists a avoid list. For us on this avoid list we have 10 most irritating features in modern cars. Let us dive right in.

  1. Chimes for almost everything

    Hyundai Verna's Premium Interiors
    Hyundai Verna’s Premium Interiors

    Before the BS6 era, many cars back then had a lot of chimes. Chimes for the door not closed, one to indicate that the car is in accessory mode, and also how can we forget the seat belt reminders. To be exact, that was super annoying. There was only one thing left to annoy the occupants, chimes while driving.

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    Et Voila, after the implementation of the BS6 norms, BNVSAP were going in a different direction altogether. These new vehicles have not one but two dynamic chimes. One when the car hits a speed of 80kmph and the next at 120kmph which just continues to beep. This is where it is a little dangerous, focus on the road or the chime? Let us know in the comment section below.

  2. Touch AC controls

    Touch-sensitive audio and AC controls
    Touch-sensitive AC controls / Honda City 4th Gen

    An air conditioner is an amenity that no one especially in India can resist, considering the weather in summers. Now, in many new-age cars, the AC controls have been modernized. By that we meant many cars get touch controls for the car HVAC. Even the touch controls are of two types.

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    One, where the car has dedicated HVAC touch controls, just like the 4th gen Honda City or the new Skoda Kushaq. Next, when the controls are provided on the screen, which takes a lot more than a press of a button just to change the temperature. These controls are present in the MG Hector. Be it any touch control, they sound cool, but in actual operation, they are rather irritating.

  3. Thick A-pillars

    Common Ciaz Problems-min
    Thick A-pillars

    Next is rather a convenience feature. Almost all modern cars (even SUVs) have thick A-pillars. If any person from the R&D is reading, we’d like to know the reason for making thick A-pillars.

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    Okay, one might say they aid in the vehicle’s safety, but there are cars that have relatively thin A-pillars yet they score high in crash test ratings. The reason why they are irritating is the visibility impairment. Thick A-pillars hamper the Driver’s vision, which is a super-risky affair.

  4. Huge dashboards

    2020 Honda Civic BS6 Interior
    2020 Honda Civic BS6 Interior / Huge dashboards

    Up next, are huge dashboards. Complement the thick A-pillars many carmakers are reluctant to offer huge dashboards. Because of the huge dashboards, the drive sits away from the windscreen. Again going away from the windscreen will hamper the diver’s vision. Also, it is different for many to get an idea of the bonnet ahead. Now, if not careful, that is an accident waiting to happen.

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  5. Fat Key fobs

    Secure car with keyless entry
    Car Key Fob

    For sure out of all the modern features a car comes with, the keyless entry and go is something we not are used to. Sure they are convenient minus the size of the keyfob. The key fob from almost all the car makers is huge and fat. This makes it uncomfortable when carrying them in the pocket.

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    No, this is not sponsored, but we’d like to shout out to Nissan as they give a keyfob that is in a shape of a credit/debit card and can easily be carried in a wallet. But the bummer is that the fob only comes with Nissan Kicks and the Mgnite gets a regular fat fob, SAD! Why though Nissan?

  6. Voice Commands

    Voice Recognition
    Voice Recognition

    Jarvis, pull up the navigation! It’ll be fun if we have an AI named Javis. Fun aside, right now the voice commands need a lot of polishing. Almost all the cars that come with a touch screen infotainment system get the voice command feature. Where you think voice commands are useful and convenient, they are pretty dangerous.

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    Allow me to explain. For one, the voice commands feature is slow, so instead of speaking a press of a button will be quicker and less effortless. Next, many a time these commands don’t work and you’d have to either repeat or whatever seems necessary. This will definitely distract you and annoy you if you are the driver.

  7. Electronic Parking Brake

    Electronic Parking Brake / Irritating Car Features

    The sure electronic parking brake is a thing to boast about. Agreed the carmakers make and provide features for the customer’s convenience, but how much difference the lever was making.

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    Also, how much time or energy one is saving when flicking a switch over pulling the physical hand brake. Also, the electronic handbrake is not at all satisfying to operate and you cannot pull those sweet drifts and powerslides with an electronic hand brake.

  8. Low Res. Reverse camera

    Reversing Camera
    Reversing Camera / Image for representation only / Irritating Car Features

    Let me be clear we are not saying that having a low res reversing camera is bad because something visuals are better can nothing. It’s just, the low res camera is annoying. The grainy texture of the visuals while reversing is at times troublesome as you’ll not be able to see what’s behind clearly.

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  9. Blank Switches

    Useless blank switches
    Useless blank switches / Irritating Car Features

    Imagine you are buying an Rs. 13- Rs. 17 Lakh vehicle and you get are some black switches. Blank switches are the bummy pieces of plastic that are placed in the place of a button. This button could be anything or a feature that the car might be deprived of.

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    So, coming back, paying a wholesome and getting a blank switch is super annoying. More so, if you have to pay Rs. 5- Rs. 6 Lakh more to change the blanks to actual buttons is taking it to the next level.

  10. Gesture Controls

    Annoying car features
    Gesture Controls / Image for representation only / Irritating Car Features

    Similar to the voice controls, gesture controls for the infotainment do sound futuristic. But when it comes to the actual operation, you’ll rather save time by just adjusting the infotainment through nobs and buttons.

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    After all, if you have gesture controls in your car, it is highly likely that the car also gets steering wheel-mounted controls. That way, the drive is a little less annoying and more convenient. Also, did I mention they are too at times don’t work and you might have to put in some extra effort to get them to use?

So, these were the 10 features we think are irritating. Which features do you think are irritating? Let us know in the comment section below.

Utkarsh Bhardwaj
Utkarsh Bhardwaj
Technical Content Strategist at GoMechanic | Big Time Petrolhead with the passion for building cars and driving those beauties.


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