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Is India ADAS Ready? Top ADAS-Equipped Cars You Can Buy

Suppose a guy from the future has to decide whether the advancements in humanity, it would be technology that he or she will pick. Now, what’s better other than the automotive sector to judge the advancements? For one, with all the passing years, technology is getting more and more affordable and convenient. That said, which was earlier a part of only the high-end cars, now many mainstream cars come equipped with it. It is the ADAS or Advanced Driver-assistance System we are talking about here.

2021 Isuzu MU-X | ADAS
2021 Isuzu MU-X | ADAS

But as soon as we hear about ADAS, one thing instantly pops up. Is Indian ADAS ready? Should ADAS be a deciding factor when buying a new vehicle? Let’s answer these questions, shall we!

What is ADAS?

Level-2 ADAS features
Level-2 ADAS features

Before giving any verdict, we ought to know the intricate details right? So, let’s have them first.

ADAS, short for Advanced Driver-Assistance System, combines several electronic systems and sensors working in tandem to reduce (or remove) human error. To be precise, ADAS makes the drives safe.

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Depending upon the sensors and radars used, this active safety feature comes in different categories. This is where the highest level of ADAS is capable of total autonomous drive, while the lowest usually warns or can perform limited operations.

ADAS offers features like;

  • Pedestrian detection/avoidance
  • Lane departure warning/correction
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Blindspot detection

Okay with that clear;

Is India ADAS Ready?

ADAS on the 2022 Hyundai Creta

Before giving our opinion, comment down below what are tour thoughts, is India ADAS ready? Yes or No! Also, don’t forget to state the reason.

  • As said earlier, ADAS uses multiple sensors in conjunction in order to safeguard its occupants. These are the sensors that interact with the outside world. Meaning, the seamless working of ADAS also depends on external factors too.
  • For example, in the lane departure warning system, the camera constantly monitors the lane markings on the road.
    • So, there aren’t marking this feature is of no use. Alright, there are several roads in India with definite late markings.
    • But the majority of the tarmac across the country are deprived of these.
    • This also puts the argument of using adaptive cruise control to rest.
  • Moving on, let’s talk traffic sign recognition. This is where the car’s camera will be aware of the signboards on the side of the road.
    • Now, considering India is a developing country, dirt is something that is everywhere.
    • And with excessive dust accumulated on the board, the car will not be able to detect it. Moreover, many signboards are not maintained and well-judged.
    • They are usually hiding behind an overgrown tree or a pole; again this feature is useless.
Astor ADAS features
Astor ADAS features
  • Pedestrian detection is another active safety feature that is a part of the ADAS portfolio, and this is something that is useful to some extent.
    • But what if a person or cyclist jumps in front of the car real close (cause this happens often).
    • Either the system will brake too sharply or give a warning too late. Nevertheless, we are talking about a rare occasion here.
  • But a feature of ADAS that will genuinely aid the driver is blind-spot monitor.

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Now, considering the scenarios and facts into consideration, we think it is a while before ADAS can become mainstream in many cars in India. Also, this can be another reason for buying a vehicle, but mind it, as of now, ADAS should not be the sole reason for buying a car.

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Top ADAS-Equipped Cars You Can Buy Now!

Saving you from the hassle, 3 cars in the Indian automotive market offer ADAS.

  1. MG Astor

    MG Astor
    MG Astor

    Recently launched MG Astor is among the cheapest vehicle in India to come equipped with level 2 ADAS. This means, when the environmental conditions are met, you’ll be able to cruise down the highway with no hands on the steering wheels and no throttle or brake input.

    Read to know more about MG Astor Launched, Boasts Of Cutting Edge Tech, Starts At ₹9.78 Lakh

  2. Mahindra XUV700

    New Mahindra XUV700 Variants & Prices Revealed
    New Mahindra XUV700 Variants & Prices Revealed

    The first SUV from an Indian carmaker to support level 2 ADAS features is Mahindra XUV700. Also, XUV700 is the latest offering from Mahindra. We bet, with the 5-star rating in the Global NCAP crash test, and top of the line features, XUV will be selling big.

    In-depth read: Mahindra XUV700 Variants Explained

  3. MG Gloster

    MG Gloster
    MG Gloster

    The biggest and the most expensive SUV on the list to support ADAS is the MG Gloster. For reference, Gloster is a tad bit larger than the Toyota Land Cruiser, which is a beast of a vehicle. With ADAS and a powerful twin-turbo ending, Gloster can be a good companion out on long or really long highway drives.

Duo! Mahindra XUV700 VS MG Gloster Comparision

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  1. ADAS systems are designed for car and pedestrian collision avoidance. Unfortunately the maximum fatal accidents on Indian roads are of 2 wheeler riders who drive with utter disregard to road safety… and no present ADAS system can provide us with a solution for collision avoidance from these reckless two wheeler drivers


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