British supercar maker McLaren seems to be looking forward on expanding its presence over the Asian market before its declaring itself as an IPO (Initial public offering) by 2025. However, unlike its rivals which include Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin, Mclaren could avoid entering the SUV segment anytime soon.

Is McLaren Planning To Enter India?
Is McLaren Planning To Enter India?

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Much recently Mclaren has revealed its brand new Elva roadster which is an integral part of Mclaren’s brand ultimate series line-up and has been limited to just 399 units. Although, We Indian do have a soft spot for this British beauty and a handful of Mclaren’s that we do see have been either exported from other countries or by private importers.

The company could also be planning to bank its expansion strategy more on hybrid cars with a new architecture under the skin set to be unveiled in mid-2020.

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In recent years, McLarens foreign sales have fallen drastically, Mclaren’s CEO Mike Flewitt, said, “We need to put more cars into Asia. The next big ones are India and Russia. We’re are to be considered as .” Performance and supercar maker which is capable of taking a leaf out of Lamborghini’s book, which despite its industry-wide slowdown this year, expects sales in India to grow by a whopping 30%. Mclarnes’s rise in the Indian Automobile sector can be put down to the strong sales of the Lamborghini Urus SUV, which delivered 50 units in just over a year.

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