Jaguar has joined the all-electric clan of sports cars with its all-electric Jaguar Vision Gran Tourismo Coupé. The Vision GT Coupé will be joining the existing line-up of Jaguar’s GT series.

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Jaguar Vision GT Coupé | Highlights

  • The Jaguar Vision GT Coupé is crafted using aerospace-grade aluminium along with carbon-fibre composite used heavily for the monocoque chassis. The Vision GT Coupé weighs 1.4 tons and has a 50:50 front to back weight distribution.
  • The Jaguar Vision GT Coupé is built from scratch with inspiration taken from Jaguars rich racing history including cars like the Jaguar C-type and D-type.
  • The electronic bits for the Jaguar Vision GT Coupé is borrowed from Jaguar’s I-Type 4 Formula E and I-Pace eTrophy racing cars.
  • The front fenders resemble the like of C-Type, whereas, the long overall hull is inspired by the D-type. The cabin takes cues from the legendary E-type.
  • The Jaguar Vision GT Coupé is powered by 750 kW electric motor churning a ground shattering 1200 Nm of torque with a 0 to 100 kmph timing at just 2 seconds.
  • Julian Thomson, Jaguar Design Director says “This project has been completely led by our young designers and represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them to create a vehicle steeped in our incredible heritage but we have been pushing the boundaries of future design. our teams have done an incredible job in creating something which is clearly identifiable as a Jaguar, inspired – but not constrained – by our iconic past.”


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