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Jeep Avenger | Here’s Why We’re Excited!

Ever since the Compass was launched in India, Jeep has been considered a sort of premium brand. With recent launches like the Meridian and the Grand Cherokee, it looks like Jeep is on its way to being a proper premium brand. However, Jeep has something in mind for the masses as well. The compact-SUV segment is one of the hottest car markets in India right now, and Jeep wants to be a part of it. The Jeep Avenger might just be Jeep’s way into this segment!

  • Is it launching in India?

The launch of the Jeep Avenger has been anticipated for quite a while now. Jeep officials have been quiet about this, however, it is very likely to launch in India in 2023. The competition in this segment is stiff and Jeep would want to enter with a bang. The facelift of the Hyundai Creta is also expected next year, and the Avenger will stand directly against it. 

  • What makes it an exciting launch?

It is speculated that the Avenger will be launched in India in two different trims. One with an ICE, and the other will be a fully electric vehicle. First of all, a Jeep in this segment will notch things up on its own, moreover, an EV variant will make things more exciting. This is an excellent move from Jeep to make sure that they capture as many customers as possible. The battery capacity and power figures are not revealed yet, but the speculated range stands at around 400 km. It will compete directly with the MG ZSev, and Tata Nexon EV.

2022 Jeep Avenger
Jeep Avenger
  • What about the ICE variant?

The engine on the Jeep Avenger may be the same 1.2L turbo petrol that we have seen on the Citroen C3. It produces 110HP and 190nm. Currently, this engine only comes with a 6-speed manual transmission, but Jeep may offer an automatic as well. While the power figures are adequate for this segment, we do expect more from a brand like Jeep. 

  • Tech on the Jeep Avenger

Level 2 ADAS is expected to be a part of the package on the Avenger. Apart from this, other features like wireless charging, an automatic tailgate, and a 10+ inch infotainment screen are also expected. The Avenger also gets a fully digital driver’s display with some exceptional graphics.

  • What about off-road capability?

Sadly enough, a fully functional 4WD system is not expected on the Avenger. It sits on the same CMP platform that houses the Citroen C3 and a 4WD module seems to be very unlikely. The EV variant, however, may have an AWD system. The Jeep Avenger will not be the pinnacle of off-roading in this segment. 

  • Pricing

Jeep is a premium brand by nature, and it’ll have to go aggressive on pricing if it wants to succeed in this segment. The Jeep Avenger is expected to be priced between Rs. 12-20 Lakhs. The EV variant is expected to sit between Rs. 16-22 Lakhs. If Jeep sticks to this pricing, the Avenger may be a huge success. 

Are you excited about the Jeep Avenger coming to India? Let us know in the comments below!

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