After the rising pace of Coronavirus cases in India and people neglecting the nationwide lockdown, Karnataka police bans vehicles on road. Though the citizens of India are well aware, they are not cautious enough. We can see people roaming on roads without any reason. Be it on their vehicles or by walking coming out of our homes is not at all advised.

Karnataka Vehicle Ban
Karnataka Vehicle Ban

Seems the active Karnataka police have taken the leash into their hands. For starters, they have banned the use of vehicles till the lockdown ends which is 14th April 2020. After seeing people not following the rules and respecting the nationwide lockdown, the police were compelled to take such steps.

A couple of days back the Karnataka’s DGP (Director-General of Police) insured every one to follow the lockdown via twitter. DGP said “though 1st April it’s not at all an April fool’s prank. But till the lockdown lasts that is the 14th of April all vehicles including car, motorcycles, and three-wheelers are banned”. If caught driving on the road the vehicles will be seized and returned after the 14th.

After the announcement on the 1st of the month, the Karnataka police seized 6,852 vehicles. Adding to that the Bangalore Police Commissioner, Bhaskar Rao confirms that up till 7 pm on the first day nearly 6,321 two-wheelers, 227 three-wheelers and 304 four-wheelers were seized.

How does the ban work?

Well, the ban on vehicles comes with a catch. The Karnataka Police considering all the scenarios allow only selective vehicles to run on the road. One being the big and small delivery trucks and the people medically exempted. The Police have made nearly 200 medical passes for each police station in the state and has to be returned back after availing.

We all hope this will surely reduce the amount of traffic in Karnataka and people will be bound to follow the nationwide lockdown. Stay safe, stay at home.
This shall pass.

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