10 Most Googled Questions On Kia Carens

Kia Carens Questions

Kia’s 4th product to be introduced in India will be the Kia Carens and it is natural that all eyes are on this stunning looking SUV. The overall looks are based on perspective but functionally it is a 3-row SUV. Here we answer the most Googled questions on Kia Carens and try to provide more insights on the upcoming launch.

Kia Carens

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  1. Is Kia Carens a 7-seater?

    Kia Carens interiors seating

    Based on the official images provided by Kia, it is safe to say that Kia Carens will indeed be a 7-seater and there is a high possibility that there will be another 6-seater variant with captain seats in the middle.

  2. Is Kia Carens same as Hyundai Alcazar?

    Kia Carens and Hyundai Alcazar

    For the first time, we are seeing different engine options on the Kia Carens that is different from the Hyundai Alcazar but since it is not official, we won’t be able to confirm it yet. The chassis and transmission options, however, will remain the same, which means just like the previous Hyundai-Kia combinations, the Carens and Alcazar will be having a lot in common.

  3. Is Kia Carens an EV?

    Kia Carens unveil

    In the foreseeable future, it will be powered by fossil fuels and Kia might have a plan for electrifying it but unfortunately, we are left in the dark here just like you. We say that’s a good thing until Homo Sapiens find an affordable technology that enables vehicles to go more than at least 650-700 kms on a single charge and that we believe is good enough to reduce the range anxiety for us Indians where the charging infrastructure is far from good.

  4. Does Kia Carens have a sunroof?

    Kia Carens Sunroof

    It’s a Kia and if there is one thing that is common on all Kia cars in India, it has to be the sunroof. So yes, it will be getting a sunroof, although, we are not sure if it will be a basic or a panoramic one. It looks like a basic sunroof as shown in the image above but we won’t be able to confirm it just yet.

  5. What is the boot capacity of Kia Carens?

    Kia Carens rear view

    The Kia Carens is supposedly coming with a ginormous boot with the numbers totalling 492 litres. That is huge and makes it a great car for those long weekends with more people to accommodate as well.

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  6. Does Kia Carens have 6 airbags as standard?

    Kia Carens airbags

    Yes, the Kia Carens will be the first car from the manufacturer in India with 6 airbags as standard right from the base variant and this is an official confirmation from Kia.

  7. When will the Kia Carens be launched?

    Kia Carens launch

    We know that the launch of the Kia Carens that will reveal more details on the 3-row SUV is just around the corner but we have not received any official launch dates. So it is safe to say that it will launch within a month from now and we are eagerly waiting too.

  8. Kia Carens drivetrains

    Kia Carens engine

    The Kia Carens is expected to come with the same engine options available for Kia in India. This means you will have an option of a 1.5-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine that churns out 115hp, a more powerful 1.4-litre GDi turbo petrol engine that makes 140hp and a 1.5-litre oil-burner that puts out 115hp. These engines will be mated either to a 6-speed manual, 6-speed iMT or a 7-speed DCT transmission.

  9. What is the expected mileage of Kia Carens?

    Kia Carens silhouette

    Since the Kia Carens shares the same engines with the Seltos, Creta, Venue and Sonet, you can expect almost the same mileage. The mileage may reduce on the Carens since this is a 3-row SUV but we believe Kia might add some smart tech to increase it. Of course, this can only be confirmed only after launch, so waiting with our fingers crossed.

If you have any other questions apart from the ones mentioned above, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. Let us know which other vehicle, be it a car or bike, are you waiting for in 2022 and what do you want to know about it?

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