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Kia Sonet offers 5 unique features which the Hyundai Venue Missed Out-On

Hyundai’s sister brand Kia made its entry into the domestic automobile industry with the Seltos compact SUV and since is launch the Seltos has gone to become the best selling compact SUV for three straight months and now Kia is all set to take over the Indian automobile industry with another bang the Sonet sub-compact SUV which will be launched shortly and is expected to offer more advanced and up-market features than its cousin the Hyundai Venue.

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Kia Sonet | Upcoming SUV Showcased at Auto Expo 2020
Kia Sonet sub-compact SUV
  1. IMT ( Intelligent Manual Transmission)

    The Kia Sonet subcompact SUV will be offered in both manual and automatic transmission with the former being a 5- or 6-speed unit. However, there will also be what Kia is calling an IMT or Intelligent manual transmission which is set to work as a manual gearbox but with an automated clutch, where the designated gearshifts are also handled by the car itself.

  2. AMT option for its Diesel Engine

    Kia’s Sonet’s cousin and active counterpart the Hyundai Venue is only available with a 6-speed manual gearbox for its top-spec diesel variant. However, Kia is all set to cater to the premium end of the domestic market by offering a 98hp diesel unit, but with an optional automatic transmission. Well, this could be the same IMT we were talking about in the previous point or a conventional torque-converter like the Seltos.

  3. Bose Sound System 

    Well, this comes for all those entertainment lovers, the Kia Sonet will also offer a bose powered six-speaker surround-sound-system just so you don get bored while driving.

  4. Stiffer Suspension

    Both the Kia Sonet and the Hyundai Venue will underpin a similar platform underneath, the Sonet will offer a stiffer suspension set-up for a better handling and sportier handling characteristics.

    The concept which was showcased at the Auto Expo 2020 had 18-inch wheels to give some importance to its sports character, but all glitter is not gold so we can expect the production-ready model to feature 16-inchers, maybe with an optional 17-inch wheel.

  5. Biggest-in-segment Infotainment system

    Kia Sonet Features: Finest In The Segment
    Kia Sonet Features: Finest In The Segment

    This sub-compact SUV from Kia will also feature a massive 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system if compared to its active counterparts the Hyundai Venue which only has an 8.0-inches unit.

    Not only that the Kia Sonet will get an updated version of the ‘Bluelink system with more connected car features than the Hyundai Venue.

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