Kia Seltos has done wonders since its launch in India. The Indian audience has shown immense love for the Korean carmaker. The sale numbers of this new entrant have been great. Talking about expanding its lineup in India, the Carnival has already arrived and the Korean automaker further plans to launch other vehicles as well.

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The latest news from the headquarters is about a major change. The Kia Motors’ logo, the one we currently see is about 35 years old. Kia has launched an all-new logo for its cars. The new logo looks very simplistic and futuristic at the same time. The automaker has launched the new logo has got 2 colour schemes. We can assume the black one to be for regular models and the red variation for sporty models. The logo is not 3D this time. Following Volkswagen’s trail for a simplistic approach, Kia has also developed a simple logo.

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The new logo looks like a ribbon laid to form the word “Kia”. The new logo symbolises a ladder and points towards Kia taking the luxury in its vehicles to the next level. The automaker has revamped the styling to make its vehicles look more premium. The new logo will help Kia to push itself as a luxury brand in the international market. The new logo will also help the automaker to establish its identity as an electric vehicle manufacturer.

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We can expect the new logo to make a world debut in the coming year i.e. 2020. The Indian market will also receive the upgrade at the same time. The Korean automaker has unveiled the Imagine concept at the currently ongoing Geneva Motor Show. The new logo’s final design has first been spotted in the Imagine concept only.




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