Leather Vs Leatherette Car Seats | What’s The Difference?

Leather Vs Leatherette Car Seats

Whenever we buy a car, we select various kinds of accessories to add utility features & improve the looks of the vehicle. Usually, we pick things like additional chrome strips, front armrest, tyre inflator, but we always start with seat covers. Accessories such as leather seat covers add value to your car, and you can find them all at Gomechanic!

Techno Leather upholstery

Seat Covers are one of the essentials when it comes to accessories as they have numerous benefits. They are made from durable cloth or synthetic materials. Buyers make their choice according to their budget & the seasonal conditions around their location. There are a lot of options to choose from nowadays.

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What are the various Seat Covers available?

  • Fabric
  • Leather
  • Velvet
  • Leatherette

Here we will be focusing on Leather & Leatherette. At GoMechanic, we got you covered with every type of seat cover available. With every kind of cover from towels to leatherette, we have you covered along with custom & 3D fits.

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Be it leather or leatherette, we have a comprehensive catalogue with every kind of design and fit catered personally for your car. We take pride in giving your vehicle the best, be it leather or leatherette. They do sound similar; let’s explore the differences first:

Leather Seat Covers

Leather refers to a material made from a preserved skin of an animal. These tanned skins are taken and used to make elegant seat covers in brown, beige & black. The quality depends on the skin and how well it was processed before stitching on the car seat.

Toyota Fortuner Leather Seats

Some carmakers also provide leather upholstery in the premium cars to give a better finish and feel to the cabin. Suede & Nubuck are also utilised for the interiors due to their soft feel & good grip. Leather looks premium without a doubt, but it comes with a price.

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It is more costly and not easy to maintain. It is not easy to maintain if you have kids as you have to take care of the stains & pressure dents too. It is breathable & more comfortable but easily scratchable, which makes it another worry for pet owners.

Leatherette Seat Covers

Leatherette is also known as faux or synthetic leather, and it is artificial leather manufactured with PVC and some other processing materials. The quality depends on the process and the chosen brand.

Leatherette has gained some popularity with modern cars. As it is more affordable and easy to maintain, it becomes a practical choice. But it would help if you considered having ventilated seats with leatherette in warm climates.

It is not as porous as natural leather and looks almost identical, and none can easily point out the difference between the two in looks. As it is not porous, any spilt liquids are easy to wipe off, and you can keep them clean without any unique care products.

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How do Leather & Leatherette Seat Covers Differ?

Leather Leatherette
Expensive Affordable
Required specific care & cleaning products No particular care products needed
Not easy to maintain Easy maintenance
Porous & Breathable Non-Porous & not breathable
Durable if cleaned regularly  No regular cleaning required
More prone to UV rays damage such as cracks Less prone to UV rays damage


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Both have pros and cons, but the market is moving towards leatherette due to its affordability & better resistance to spills. No doubt, leather is the ultimate feel of luxury cars, but it comes with a price. 

Choose what suits your car & budget accordingly; pick what you find the best and let GoMechanic take care of the rest!