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Lost Your Vehicle Registration Certificate? | How To Get A New RC Book?

Car registration certification is proof of registration that acts as a register of a motor vehicle. Vehicle registration is important to drive motor vehicles on the road or public space. Just like driving license, you should also keep your RC with you while travelling by your car. You have to provide all the documents for your vehicle registration certificate while buying a new vehicle. Once the RTO office receives your documents, you get an RC book or smart card. However, it may take from a couple of days to months to receive the RC.

The RC book consists of the following information:

  1. Vehicle registration number
  2. Registration date
  3. Engine number
  4. Chassis number
  5. Colour of the vehicle
  6. Type of the vehicle
  7. Seating capacity
  8. Model number

Lost your car RC book?

Most of the vehicle owners take very good care of their vehicles. But there are other things that you should take better care of such as your car documents like RC, driving license, etc. However, even after extreme care, there can be instances where one can lose their car RC. As a vehicle owner, you will need to get a duplicate RC issued from the transport authority office. Today the whole process of applying for duplicate RC has been made online.

If you want, you can execute the online application process on your own or obtain service from an agent. The official portal governed by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for getting a duplicate car RC book is Parivahan Sewa.

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How to get a new vehicle registration certificate (RC book)?

  1. The first thing to do after losing your RC is to lodge a complaint at the nearest police station. You would need to provide vehicle registration details, RC number along with the other personal details in the complaint.
  2. The police department will issue a challan which is used to download Form 26 from the RTO’s website. You need to print the same and duly fill it.
  3. In case your vehicle is still having a loan, you will have to get a NOC from the financer stating that they do not have any objection with the RTO issuing a duplicate RC.
  4. Along with Form 26, you will also need to submit:
    a. FIR copy
    b. Bank NOC (No Objection Certificate)
    c. Car chassis imprint
    d. PUC (Pollution Under Control) Copy
    e. Relevant ID proofs
    f. An Affidavit claiming the loss of RC book
  5. You can also fill up the application form online at the Parivahan Sewa website which requires police FIR and vehicle insurance information.
  6. The fees vary depending on the type of vehicle. For example, it will be around ₹ 700 for the light motor vehicle category which includes motorcars, jeeps, taxis, etc.
  7.  On successful payment, a receipt is generated, which needs to be submitted with the other documents, at the government office transport authority office.

Apart from losing your RC, you also need to renew your car RC after 15 years. As per the motor vehicle act, any motor vehicle can be renewed after 15 years of registration, after which the vehicle registration can be renewed every 5 years as long as RTO deems the vehicle to be fit.

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