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10 Lucky Cars For Their Respective Carmakers (Part 2)

While 2020 was a devastating year for the Indian automotive industry, 2021 was a little forgiving. In 2021, many cars makers achieved better sales numbers last year. Aiding to good sales numbers were cars that the Indian consumer most accepted. Hence, they were lucky for their respective carmakers. So, today, let’s look at 10 such cars that did well for their companies.

  1. Tata Punch

    Tata Punch
    Tata Punch

    The unexpected vehicle that was extremely lucky for Tata was the Punch. Launched in the last quarter of 2021 and became the best selling vehicle of the month for the brand. Tata Punch belongs to the micro SUV segment that was desperate to need a new vehicle. Because of a potent engine, great set of features and the safest car under 15Lakh, Tata Puch still manages to bag an excellent set of sales numbers for Tata.

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  2. Skoda Kushaq

    Skoda Kushaq
    Skoda Kushaq

    The next vehicle we think was luck for its manufacturer is Skoda Kushaq. Part of the India 2.0 project, Kushaq is the first compact SUV for the brand in India. For you to know, Skoda Kushaq is manufactured in India, for India. Now, with the added advantage of #MadeInIndia, this unconventional SUV has become a conventional choice for some. It is potent, but Kushaq could have been difficult to resist if it had been more reliable.

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  3. Volkswagen Taigun

    Volkswagen Taigun
    Volkswagen Taigun

    The German carmaker Volkswagen is also playing the India 2.0 along with Skoda, and for them, the first vehicle to hit the market is the Taigun. Showcased at the 2020 Auto Expo, the SUV did cater to many audiences, and in 2021, after its launch, it became among the best selling cars from the Volkswagen line-up. Of course, they do have a limited portfolio of vehicles in India. But Taigun indeed is a well-engineered vehicle.

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  4. Toyota Innova Crysta

    Toyota Innova Crysta | Facelift
    Toyota Innova Crysta | Facelift

    One car that doesn’t need any introduction here is the Toyota Innova. The current-gen Toyota Innova Crysta is powerful and comfortable, offering uncomparable solace. The Japanese carmaker Toyota launched Innova in India in 2005, and it has been ruling its segment since. After more than a decade, Toyota Innova still is the choice of car for those having either a big or a joint family.

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  5. Tata Nexon/EV

    Tata Nexon EV Ziptron
    Tata Nexon EV Ziptron

    It is right to say that the Indian carmaker Tata is on a streak of selling cars and it started with the Nexon. The subcompact SUV Tata Nexon is still a successful part of the Indian auto industry. It also falls under the safe cars club of India as it stored a full 5 stars rating in the Global NCAP. Now, with the option of multiple powertrains, including an electric one,  Tata Nexon does pretty well for India’s company.

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  6. Renault Kiger

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    Renault Kiger

    The following new vehicle here to be like a lucky charm for its carmaker is the Renault Kiger. Like the Magnite, the new Kiger too comes with an option of a couple of petrol engines to choose from. It also offers the right amount of features on the inside. In the Indian market, as of now, Renault Kiger is among the reliable SUVs. But with a not so good after-sales and reputation, Kiger is a rare occasion to see on the road.

    Here are the Top 10 Most Googled Questions On The Renault Kiger

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  7. Hyundai Creta

    Hyundai Creta Facelift
    Hyundai Creta Facelift

    After the success of Hyundai i20 and Verna, Creta was like a crucial pillar for the company’s sales in India. Hyundai Creta was launched back in 2015 and became among the best selling cars for India. Along with reliability and power, Creta also offers a good set of happy customers. Creta provides the right set of engines and feature combinations. Also, this compact SUV (Crossover) got a thorough update in 2020 and awaits its midlife facelift.

    Let’s talk about the 2022 Hyundai Creta Facelift: What to Expect?

  8. Mahindra XUV700

    New Mahindra XUV700 Variants & Prices Revealed
    New Mahindra XUV700

    The next vehicle on the list is from the house of another Indian carmaker Mahindra. After the success of XUV500, Mahindra drastically upgraded its successor, the XUV700. To expand the SUV’s reach, Mahindra opted for aggressive marketing. Having a lot of potential, the Mahindra XUV700 instantly became people’s favourite and the booking time exceeded 12 months. This is why we think the new Mahindra XUV700 indeed is a lucky vehicle for the Indian carmaker.

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  9. Kia Seltos

    Orange car
    Orange Kia Seltos

    Hyundai’s sister company Kia came to India with many expectations in 2019 with the Seltos. Instantly with the vehicle’s launch, people fell in love with the SUV (crossover). After more than two years with some minor updates here and there, Kia Seltos is still going strong in its segment. We believe that the Global NCAP crash test results didn’t hamper the favorability for the Seltos.

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  10. Maruti Suzuki WagonR

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    Maruti Suzuki WagonR

    After talking about 9 SUVs and pseudo SUVs, we finally have the familiar tall-boy hatchback, Maruti Suzuki WagonR. This marathon runner has been going strong in the Indian market for more than two decades, and still, people prefer WagonR over any other vehicle at this price range. Even though it gets a lot of criticism, WagonR is still among the country’s undisputed king of the budget Indian cars

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These were the 10 cars that were lucky for their respective car brands. Let us know other cars that were fortunate for the carmakers.

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