10 Reasons Why The Mahindra Scorpio has a Special Place in our Hearts

Mahindra Scorpio Is Love

It is said that Time is one thing that changes everything. Well, some things do exactly the opposite to an otherwise true quote. One such thing is the Mahindra Scorpio. Introducing this vehicle will be an insult in itself. With that said, it is really difficult to not think of a vehicle like the Scorpio that was one of the roots of the current automotive industry. Mahindra Scorpio had, or rather it still has what it takes to be one of the most potent vehicles in the market. So, without further, I do, let us see why Mahindra Scorpio will always have a special place in our hearts.

  1. Mahindra Scorpio’s Aesthetics (Boxy yet proportionate)

    Mahindra Scorpio

    One of the things that we Indians love more than anything is the looks or aesthetics. Mahindra Scorpio was just spot on. The car or let me say the “SUV” was proportionate that each and everyone, from a junior to a senior up till an aged, wanted a price of this cake. Mahindra Scorpio from its launch in 2002 has changed very little since. It still gets the same old boxy shape. Viewing from the side, Mahindra Scorpio has a distinct silhouette that no one will ever miss.

  2. Mahindra Scorpio’s Powertrain and Transmission (It packs quite a punch)

    Powertrain and Transmission

    Mahindra and Mahindra, with time, has been working hard to up their game. Especially in terms of the powertrain or the engine. Speaking of the engine, Mahindra Scorpio used to come with 3 engine options but now gets only one. That is the Mahindra’s very own 2.2-Litre m-HAWK engine. This engine produces 140ps of max power and 320 Nm of peak torque. The power figures may seem normal but after all, this is an SUV and reaching high speeds is not what they do. This motor is mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. There has been a drastic change from the 5 speed in the earlier models.

  3. Drivetrain (True 4X4)

    Mahindra Scorpio Off-road

    How can we talk about Mahindra Scorpio and not talk about its 4X4? Well, up till BS4 Mahindra came with a 4WD system. Yes! this is one of the cars that still used to get this drivetrain. This made this Mahindra one of the cheapest SUVs to get 4X4. For you to know, this 4X4 was readily used in the ‘Raid De Himalaya’ and definitely was one of the prime choices for the adventure lovers.

  4. Mahindra Scorpio’s Ground-clearance (Has the go-anywhere attitude)

    Mahindra Scorpio | Ground Clearance

    The other factor making the vehicle go anywhere was the high ground clearance. Talking of numbers, Mahindra Scorpio offers about 210mm of ground clearance. This makes the vehicle to crawl over almost all the obstacles. Trying this will be punishable but, we have seen Scorpio owners crossing the divider on to the other side, kudos to the ground clearance.

  5. Rear Wheel Drive (It can Sort-off Drift)

    Rear Wheel Drive

    There are just a hand full of vehicles in the market that run on rear-wheel-drive setup. Well, Mahindra Scorpio is one of them. But what difference does an RWD make? Firstly, driving an RWD is sheer pleasure and the feedback from the throttle is out of this world. Not even kidding! To know more about RWD click here.

  6. Fairly Feature-Packed (Utility features)

    Mahindra Scorpio | Features

    Yes! surprisingly being a rugged SUV, Mahindra Scorpio comes with a decent amount of features. But the catch here is that most of the features are inclined towards utility and not comfort. Some of such features include cornering headlights, tyre pressure monitoring system, Cruise control, projector headlights and more. All these features are more for the driver and less for comfort. This does not mean it is deprived of comforting features. Mahindra Scorpio gets auto climate control, rear ac vents and many of the safety features including dual airbags.

  7. Commanding Driving Position (feel like the king of the road)

    Mahindra Scorpio| Commanding Bonnet View

    The aesthetics and the stance of this SUV complement the high driving position. The other reason, making this Mahinda a good to drive vehicle are the thin A-pillars, that reduce the blind spots on the side. Oh well, this along with the high ground clearance makes the driver feel like the king of the road. More is that one can see the entire huge hood of the vehicle, that adds to the feel-good factor when driving a Scorpio.

  8. Real SUV (It’s a true big daddy)

    Mahindra Scorpio Chassis

    SUV, a simple name but a confusing definition. Well, let me tell you SUV are way different from the current generation of so-called SUV. Here is to know more about SUVs. Long story short, SUVs are the one having a ladder on frame chassis and have a rear-wheel-drive setup. Along with that, the car runs on a type of independent suspension. Mahindra Scorpio uses Double Wishbone suspension in the front and a multi-link suspension at the rear. This is something where the SUV ticks all the right boxes and proves to be a really versatile and truly a real SUV.

  9. Rohit Shetty’s Favourite (The Gravity Defying Car!)

    Mahindra Scorpio | Gravity Defying

    Indian movies without action are super dull. Here is what Rohit Shetty does to make them indulging. One cannot miss the physics-defying stunted performed in the movies like Shingham and its so-called next sequel. The drifts, the barrel rolls, and more, Scorpio handles them as if it were a piece of cake.

  10. Mahindra’s very own (Live Young Live Free)

    Live Young | Live Free

    Mahindra came up with this legendary SUV back in 2002 and it has been a bomb since. Yes, of course, it has been updated regularly and the package is indeed crisp. From young to an old person, no one hesitated to take this beast wondering. Indeed, Mahindra Scorpio has conquered many roads or let me say terrains. This SUV truly defines the brand’s tagline ‘Live Young, Live Free’.

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