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Mahindra Silently Updates Thar | Know This!

Thar is the most loved offroader in India with a massive fan following which immensely increased after the 2020 update. After Mahindra introduced the new twin peaks logo, it is also making its way to other cars such as Thar, XUV300, and Bolero. While showing off its upcoming launches, Mahindra has also silently updated Thar with some ergonomics tweaks. Let’s see what has changed:

New Logo & Interior 

Mahindra Thar New Logo

Mahindra has silently rolled in some updates for their best offroader in India. Thar was seen with the new twin peaks logo on the steering & wheel hub caps. This new logo was introduced with the XUV700 and now has made its way to the Thar.

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Their other SUVs, such as Bolero, were also seen with the new logo. This cosmetic change will be incorporated into all the cars in their lineup. It has been added to the front, rear and toggle switches and receives the logo with a new button.

Dashboard & Controls

Mahindra Thar Centre Console

The dashboard & the controls have also received some changes & repositioning. The functions such as traction control and hill-descent control have been moved to the centre console. These functions can be accessed with the new toggle switches.

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The functions on the left side remain the same but with new switches. The lower portion of the central dashboard gets the added features mentioned above with some revamping. Thar also receives a new lock/unlock button for more convenience.

Delisted Features

Alloy Wheels With New Logo

While there have been updates & changes, some features have also been omitted. Thar loses lumbar support from both front seats and comes with only a single 12V charging port instead of two. Mahindra has also revised the colour options available. The idle start-stop feature is present only on the manual variants.

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The brushed silver finish from the front bumper has also been excluded, along with delisting the Rocky Beige and Mystic Copper colours from the official booking portal. Also, the CEAT Czar AT tyres has been replaced by CEAT Crossdrive tyres.

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While this delisted seems like a usual cost-cutting move, Mahindra has made no changes to the available powertrains. The waiting periods still go up to a year and differ depending on the variant. What do you think about the 2022 updated Thar?

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