Mahindra Yet To Deliver 1.2 Lakh SUVs | Should You Wait?

Mahindra Yet To Deliver 1.2 Lakh SUVs | Should You Wait?

Mahindra has been launching stellar products for the last two years. The Thar, XUV700, and now, the Scorpio N. However, ever since the automobile industry has been hit by the semiconductor shortage, deliveries have been getting delayed. Today, let’s discuss if you should wait for Mahindra cars or go ahead with something else.

  • How long is the wait for Mahindra cars?

Well, it is around 10 months for the Thar, and up to 1.5 years for an XUV700 (depending on the variant). We can definitely expect the Scorpio too to be overbooked. As of now, Mahindra is yet to deliver 80,000 units of the XUV700 and 26,000 units of the Thar!

  • Are these cars worth the wait?

Simply talking in terms of how good the products are – these cars are worth some wait. However, in reality, this really depends on your requirement. If you’re someone who needs a new car very soon then this will be a deal-breaker for you. However, if you’re someone who is buying these SUVs as a 2nd or a 3rd car, you can consider waiting. Realistically speaking, if you’re ready to wait for that long, hold your bookings until you get your car. And if in this time of waiting, you come across a car that you really like, cancel that Mahindra and jump onto that one!

  • What else can you buy?

Here are some alternatives:

TharForce Gurkha, Jeep Compass

XUV700Tata Safari/Harrier, Hyundai Tuscon, MG Hector

While these are alternatives for SUVs, there are plenty of good EVs in the market that are worth a test drive!

Are you going to wait for your Mahindra? Let us know in the comments below?