Indian automotive industry’s legend – the Maruti 800 has just completed 37 years of its existence and we are feeling as old as you are! Now that most of the 90s kids already remember it as their first family car, Google is still loaded with questions that Indians still want to know. Of course, who doesn’t want to know about the legend! In today’s featured, we take all of you down the memory lane and answer some questions about the legend. Read on!

  1. Is Maruti 800 coming back?


    We wish it could. Well, there is no official news from the automaker yet but we don’t think Indians won’t love to have the legend back. We are sure that you will be more than happy to see an updated avatar of the Maruti 800. In the picture above, is a modified or rather restored version of the legend.

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  2. Can I buy Maruti 800?


    Unfortunately, you can’t. This hatch was officially discontinued in 2014. However, considering it’s 2020, you can search for a used one and experience the legend yourself. Just to let you know, this car is simple and easy to maintain and can be a very good choice if you are considering to buy your first car. In the picture above, you see the first owner of the legend in India!
    Fact: He bought this for Rs.47,500! Most probably cheaper than the device you are reading this article on!

  3. Is Maruti 800 a good car?


    Definitely yes! We know it has not got any of the modern-day features ruling the market right now. As they say, old is gold! If you are the one who loves keeping a car for long and doesn’t get carried away by the features if you are the one who wants to own a true legend irrespective of how old it might have got, you should definitely go for one.

  4. Is Maruti 800 good for a long drive?


    Be it a city commute or a highway drive, Maruti 800 never fails to deliver what it is meant to deliver. Although, this car is not at all safe because safety considerations were not taken into notice in that era. In the present times too, the car sales reports show us that Indians aren’t really worried about safety. Considering all these factors, yes, 800 is definitely a good car to use and experience. Cheap maintenance cost and high mileage, it delivers it all!

  5. Is Maruti 800 banned in India?


    Every car that has completed 15 years of its existence is not considered to be road legal in Delhi-NCR. If you own one from the later years i.e. it has not completed 25 years on the road, you can definitely drive it anywhere you like. If your car has exceeded 15 years of its life, then it is banned for sure.

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  6. Does it have AC?


    Air Conditioner was considered to be a luxury in the past. Maruti 800 AC was available and for those who couldn’t afford it at that time, could definitely get the air-conditioned fitted from the aftermarket.

  7. When was Maruti 800 stopped?

    maruti 800

    This is the picture where the last unit of the 800 is seen being rolled out from the plant. The date was 18th January 2014. It has been 6 years since we let go of the legend. We wish MSIL brings it back soon!

  8. Does it have a power steering?


    No. It doesn’t have a factory-fitted power steering but just like you could get an aftermarket AC fitment, you can also get a power steering assembly for your 800 from the aftermarket. The assembly would cost you around Rs. 30,000.

  9. What mileage does it deliver?

    maruti 800

    Considering it is an old engine and obviously, there was the technology wasn’t as developed as now it is able to give a mileage of 15-16 kmpl. We agree this is quite low considering modern cars like Maruti WagonR which deliver over 30 kilometres in 1Kg of CNG!

  10. What was the price of Maruti 800 in 1983?

    The Day India was introduced to the Maruti 800
    The Day India was introduced to the Maruti 800

    As you can see in the newspaper clipping, the legend was launched in 1983 at an introductory price of Rs. 47,500 only! However, people were ready to pay over a lakh for the ‘futuristic car’.

These were the 10 most Googled questions about the Maruti 800. If you are a 90’s kid, you won’t hesitate to share this article but if you are younger, do share this article with all your friends and let them know about the legend that was born in India 37 years ago!

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