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Maruti Suzuki Brezza 2022 vs Rivals | Detailed Comparison!

SUVs, the vehicles that are mostly boxy and attract a whole herd of people, across the globe, into the carmaker’s showroom. And in India, these are the sub-compact SUVs that attract most of the buyers. Hence, competition is getting tensed as Maruti Suzuki has recently launched the next generation of Brezza. With this update, the carmaker has given the vehicle, thorough design changes on the inside and outside. Not to forget, it comes packed with features. But it the new Maruti Suzuki Brezza a compelling buy? Let’s have a look by pitching against its rivals.

Well, the new Maruti Suzuki Brezza is a sub-compact SUV and the other vehicle that it competes against are, Hyundai Venue, Nissan Magnite, Tata Nexon, and Bolero Neo. Although there are many other cars in the segment, we chose the above 4 for diversity and also, some of them are the best selling in their respective companies.

Maruti Suzuki Brezza | Aesthetics

The 2022 Brezza

Although the new Maruti Suzuki Brezza is based on a similar platform, it comes with a totally refreshed design in and out. Starting with the front, the bonnet line is now even taller. This allows the car to have a head-turning stance. Apart from that, the new front facia gets an all-new headlight design, with a bigger bolder grille. Below which is the housing for the LED fog lights, which are not better integrated into the bumper than before.

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The sides of the vehicle get new diamond-cut alloy wheels with thicker plastic cladding running all around. Similar is the story at the back. The new Brezza comes with new LED taillights, with conventional bulbs for the turn signal and reverse light. Sandwiched between the tail lights is a huge strap that carries “BREZZA” in bold.

Well, all in all, the new Brezza looks a little better than before, but a little disproportionate wheels do take a little charm of this SUV away. Nevertheless, aesthetics are always subjective and varies person to person. Hence one could not go wrong with any of the 5 SUVs.

Brezza VS Rivals | Engine

Nissan Magnite LED headlights and DRLs
Nissan Magnite LED headlights and DRLs

The engine is something that surely can make or break the story of the new Maruti Suzuki Brezza. Starting with Brezza, under the hood, the SUV comes with an updated 1.5-liter naturally aspirated petrol engine. This engine is capable of generating 103ps of max power and 134Nm of peak torque. Well, this update robbed 2ps and 2Nm from the engine. The engine was in any way a little underpowered compared to rivals, not it is even lower.

Engine Comparison

SUV Maruti Suzuki Brezza Tata Nexon Nissan Magnite Hyundai Venue
Engine 1.5l NA 1.2L Turbo 1.0l Turbo 1.0L Turbo
Power 102bhp 118bhp 99bhp 118bhp
Torque 137Nm 170Nm 160Nm 172Nm
Transmission 5MT/6AT 6MT/6AMT 5MT/CVT 6iMT/6DCT
Fuel Tank Capacity 48L 44L 40L 45L
Fuel Economy* 19.8kmpl 16.3kmpl 20kmpl 18.1kmpl

*ARAI Figures

Comparing the new Brezza with its rivals gives a clearer picture. Brezza is not a jack of all trades nor a master of anything. Although the new updated 1.5-liter engine with the Dual Jet technology gets improved economy of about 19.8kmpl, which is better than before. It is the Tata Nexon and Hyundai Venue that trumps the competition in power, and Nissan Magnite in fuel economy, but not by much.

Setting the power down to the front wheels, all the cars get an option of a manual as well as an automatic transmission. Maruti Suzuki Brezza gets an option of a 5-speed manual and an updated 6-speed torque converter automatic transmission.

Maruti Suzuki Brezza VS Rivals | Dimensions

Dimensions Comparison

SUV Maruti Suzuki Brezza Tata Nexon Nissan Magnite Hyundai Venue
Length (mm) 3995 3993 3995 3995
Width (mm) 1790 1811 1758 1770
Height (mm) 1685 1606 1572 1617
Wheelbase (mm) 2500 2498 2500 2500
Ground Clearance (mm) 209 205 195
Boot Space (L) 328 350 336 350
Kerb Weight (Kg) 1314 1039 1233

All the SUVs on the list today are sub-compact SUVs, that is they measure, less than 4 meters. Hence all the carmakers tend to utilize every mm of the 4M length to maximize space and comfort. Hence, all the cars measure almost the same. However it is the width that offers compact SUVs the right stance, in that, it is the Tata Nexon the is the widest. As per the data, the Nexon sits higher to the ground, at 209mm.

Although the new Brezza comes with the tallest height, being tall in cars, especially SUVs is not always a good thing. More height lifts the COG (Center of Gravity) away from the ground inducing body roll and making the car unstable on corners.

Brezza VS Rivals | Feature Comparison

Safety Features Comparison

SUV Maruti Suzuki Brezza Tata Nexon Nissan Magnite Hyundai Venue
Crash Test Rating (Global NCAP) ⭐⭐⭐⭐* ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐
No. of Airbags 6 2 2 6
TPMS 🟥 🟩 🟩 🟩
Seat Belt Warning 🟩 🟩 🟩 🟩
ABS+EBD 🟩 🟩 🟩 🟩
Hill Hold Control 🟩 🟩 🟩 🟩
Traction Control 🟩 🟩 🟩 🟩

*Old Brezza  Global NCAP Crash Test Rating

All the features mentioned are considering the top-end trim of the respective sub-compact SUVs. That said, as the new Brezza has not been tested yet, and Maruti claimed it to be safer, we expect the new to as least get 4. Next, it is the Nexon that is the safest considering the Global NCAP crash test ratings. However, the sad part is that the Brezza does not feature, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System or even traction control. Well, with 102 Hp, it doesn’t need one.

Features Comparison

SUV Maruti Suzuki Brezza Tata Nexon Nissan Magnite Hyundai Venue
Back up Cameras 360° Yes 360° Yes
Steering Adjustment Tilt & Telescopic Tilt Tilt Tilt
Air Purifier 🟥 🟩 🟥 🟩
LED Headlights 🟩 🟥 🟩 🟩
LED Fog lights 🟩 🟥 🟩 🟥
Sunroof 🟩 🟩 🟥 🟩
Cornering Lights 🟥 🟩 🟥 🟩
Cooled Glovebox 🟥 🟩 🟥 🟩
Instrument Cluster Part Digital All Digital All Digital All Digital
H.U.D 🟩 🟥 🟥 🟥

Seeing the data, above, Maruti Suzuki in India has done some serious changes to this new sub-compact SUV. These positive changes make this new Brezza become the first car in India to come with a Sunroof. Along with that, the new additions to the new Brezza include a 360-degree camera, heads-up display, TPMS and more.

Maruti Suzuki Brezza Prices and Rivals

Well, the Indian car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki is known to manufacture affordable and comparatively pocket-friendly vehicles. But with this new updated Maruti Suzuki Brezza, the SUV becomes the most expensive vehicle in the segment as well as the most expensive vehicle in Maruti Suzuki’s portfolio, for now.

Prices (ex-showroom)

SUV Maruti Suzuki Brezza Tata Nexon Nissan Magnite Hyundai Venue
Base Trim Rs. 7.99 Lakh Rs. 7.59 Rs. 5.97 Rs. 7.53 Lakh
Top End Trim Rs. 13.96 Lakh Rs. 13.75 Rs. 10.53 Rs. 12.72 Lakh

Let us know in the comment section, if the price hike and the added features coupled with one of the least powerful engines of the lot, is it justified? Also, which one will you pick from this segment?

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