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7 Things You Will Only Find On A Maruti Suzuki Car

Maruti Suzuki is no doubt the most popular automaker in India. For more than two decades, Maruti has been a leader in the Indian car market. With cars like the Zen, Alto, Swift and Esteem, Maruti Suzuki manages to keep winning over Indian hearts! Today, let’s look at seven things that you will find only in a Maruti Suzuki car!

  1. Maruti = Value for Money

This is the biggest reason that Maruti is so successful in India. Ever since the Maruti 800 was launched, Maruti Suzuki cars have been priced so that no buyer feels uncomfortable spending that money. With cars like the Maruti 800 and the Alto, Maruti Suzuki has been selling every family’s dream of owning a vehicle.

First-Gen Maruti Suzuki Esteem
First-Gen Maruti Suzuki Esteem
  1. Maruti = Excellent Fuel Efficiency

Maruti cars are known to be very fuel-efficient. With the recent addition of technologies like SHVS(Smart Hybrid Vehicle System), efficiency numbers are only increasing. Even on bigger cars like the S-Cross, Brezza and the Ciaz, fuel efficiency numbers are amongst the best in the segment.

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Maruti Alto 800
  1. Maruti = Commendable Reliability

How many Maruti 800s do you still see on the road? A lot, right? That tells us how reliable these cars are. You will see 10, 15, 20+ years old cars running as smooth as ever. You can easily own a Maruti car for 10+ years without experiencing any significant repairs except for the wear and tear parts.

Maruti 800 one if its kind
Maruti 800
  1. Maruti = Consumer Centered Nature

Maruti Suzuki is probably one of the most consumer-centred carmakers in the market. Right from the beginning of your car buying journey and to the end of it, Maruti ensures that you have a smooth, hassle-free experience. You will find a similar quality of experience across all Maruti dealerships; this means that your experience in one dealership will not be much different than in another one. This is because Maruti works very hard on training all of their dealers and their employees.

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  1. Maruti = Phenomenal Sales Network

Maruti has the best sales network in India, and you will find their dealerships even in places where you would never expect to see a car showroom! By doing this, Maruti is making sure that even the remote areas of our country have access to affordable cars.

Maruti Suzuki Dealership
Maruti Suzuki Dealership
  1. Maruti = Great Resale Value

Maruti cars retain their value well! Their cars are also the most popular ones in the second-hand market. Reliability and fuel economy are the two significant reasons Maruti Suzuki cars retain so much of their value!

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Maruti Suzuki Swift
  1. Maruti = Factory Fitted CNG Kits

Ever since Maruti Suzuki cars like the Celerio, WagonR and Ertiga gained popularity in the cab market, Maruti has given buyers the option of a factory-fitted CNG kit too! This shows that Maruti is listening to what the masses are demanding and fulfilling their demands.

Maruti Suzuki S-CNG Car Line-up
Maruti Suzuki S-CNG Car Line-up

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  1. 7 more things you will only find in a Maruti Suzuki: Massive panel gaps, creaking interiors, lack of finishing, horrible safety, cheap materials, unstable frame, zero handling

  2. That has paid article written all over it
    Bought a Wagon-R Zxi on June 07th, 2021 and have been repenting my decision ever since. Pathetic attitude towards customers.
    They just want to sell cars and after sales is plain pathetic. It pinches even more, as I was used to the royal treatment that is given to customers in Hyundai dealerships after selling the car. I would never recommend a Maruti car to anyone due to the poor service quality.

    • Hi Mahesh
      First things first. This is NOT a paid article. Talking about the brands you have taken into consideration, I myself own both of them and surely Hyundai treats their customers better than Maruti does. This is why most of the Maruti owners shift to multi-brand service centres and you should do the same too. WagonR, on the other hand is a lovely practical car and helps you save a lot of money which Hyundai couldn’t have done!

  3. Oh yes… Safety is not a DAILY DRIVE need! They had almost 90+% market share untill 2000 which halved to about 46% now! Their dominance (only in India) stemmed from Govt ownership and practical monopoly they had due to undue regulations preventing competition untill then. They are unable to sell thier cars even in Japan where Toyota and Honda make much better cars and dominate. If someone is saying value for money and that value does not include human life in 2021… Well, Salute to them!!!


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