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Maruti 800cc Iconic Engine To Be Discontinued!

What does it take to be the country’s largest manufacturer? What goes into making such cars that have been ruling the Indian roads for the past 40 years? Well, the only answer to these questions is Maruti Suzuki and its legendary 800cc engine. But sadly Maruti Suzuki recently exclaimed of discontinuing its potent 800cc engine from the country this financial year (March 2023).


Maruti Suzuki F8D engine
Maruti Suzuki F8D engine

Well, the 800cc Engine has been there in the market for about 40 years. But unfortunately, Maruti Suzuki has planned to discontinue the engine from its line-up in India.

The 800cc engine came into being

After the collaboration with Suzuki in October 1982, the company set up a manufacturing unit in Gurgaon. In 1983, Maruti Suzuki launched its first mass-produced car in the country, the Maruti 800 in India.

Maruti 800
Maruti 800

The Maruti 800 was the vehicle that signalled the start of the business. It was a Maruti Suzuki 5-door hatchback with an 800cc engine that broke sales records almost immediately. Since the 800 was so well-liked in the middle of the 1980s, anyone mentioning Maruti was almost certainly referring to that model. It was adopted as the company’s abbreviation.

The last Maruti Suzuki 800 produced

Thereafter the 800cc from Mauti was seen in various other models throughout its age. These cars include 800, Alto and Omni. Additionally, Maruti Alto 800 would be the last descendent to support the company’s 800cc engine.

Why the engine is being discontinued?

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Maruti 800

There are two reasons for this. The first is that the outdated engine would need to be modified in order to comply with the impending RDE (Real Driving Emissions) rules, which are scheduled to take effect in 2023. Real Driving Emissions will also be a separate challenge for all automakers after BS6 phase one and CAFE II pollution standards, which are already in place. It is anticipated that RDE will mean the end for a number of engines besides the F8D, especially smaller-capacity diesel in compact cars.

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The declining demand is the reason it won’t be improved. There is only one model that uses this engine, and fewer people are purchasing it.

Although it is still the most affordable new car you can purchase in India, the Alto 800 is no longer the alluring budget option it once was, and many people would much prefer to choose a more luxurious choice for a small price increase. The new Alto K10 will be Maruti’s entry-level model in the place of the F8D engine.

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Well, we sure will miss the engine’s presence. Let us know in the comment section, have you driven a vehicle that is powered by the F8D engine? Let us know in the comment section below.

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