10 Most Memorable GTA Cars We Remember

10 Most Memorable GTA Cars We Remember

When it comes to doing whatever you feel like, the virtual world is the best and the most convenient way to go. Speaking of the virtual world, this is a computer-simulated environment that is mutually exclusive to the real world (at least considering the technology we have right now. If you know what we mean [Ra.ONE]). Now, the games from GTA are the best example of this virtual world. Speaking of GTA, recently the firm has launched GTA Trilogy. Okay, essentially these consist of the older famous titles, GTA III, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas.

These are the three video games that we millennials grew up playing. That said, to recall those playing days let’s have a look at the 10 famous and most memorable from the world of GTA.

  1. Greenwood


    The first vehicle on the list also happens to be the first mission vehicle we drive in GTA San Andreas. Owned by Carls (CJ) brother Sweet this vehicle resembles Chrysler Fifth Avenue. The Greenwood is essentially a 4 door sedan used in several missions involving sweet. Also, if you want to get hands-on Greenwood, it’s parked right in front the Sweet’s house in Groove Street.

  2. Savanna


    Another vehicle that is a part of one of the missions from Groove Street is the Savanna. Savanna is among the low rider cars in which the hydraulic suspensions are installed. By now you might have guessed, the Savanna was one of the cars used in the dancing car mission at the central railway station in Los Santos in the San Andreas game. Well, Savanna also had immense customization potential.

  3. Super GT


    Not only one of the fastest but also among the expensive cars in GTA world is the SuperGT. By the looks of it in San Andreas, SuperGT takes its cues from the 1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT and 1995 Nissan 300 ZX. That said, it is not essentially used in a mission unless you do, but surely you’ll be awarded $105,000 (in-game cash) when exported. Indeed, these are among our favourite vehicles from GTA.

  4. Glendale


    *Spoiler Alert*: Owned by the traitor Big Smoke, Glendale is one of the good-sounding mission cars in the GTA San Andreas. When it comes to performance, it has an average top speed and not-so-good cornering ability. But one has to agree it is one of the best, if not the best looking classic cars in GTA.

  5. Mothership


    The one-of-a-kind camper vehicle in GTA is the Mothership. Owned by The Truth, the Mothership gets an over-the-top psychedelic paint job. If you listen carefully, the Mothership runs on a rather unique 15-year old cooking oil, and the engine block is held by a macrame hammock. In the end, the Mothership is a part of the mission called Madd Dogg’s Mansion

  6. Picador


    Another “spoiler alert”: The car based on the 1972 Chevrolet El Camino, Picador is owned by another betrayer Ryder in GTA San Andreas. Talking about the category to which Picador belongs, it’s more like a super lowered pickup truck. Also, this vehicle was available in a couple of variants with a plant on the flatbed or soda cans.

  7. Hustler


    Sure the environment in GTA has several vintage cars. But possibly the oldest vehicle in the games is the Hustler. For you to know, Hustler is based on the 1933 Ford. The Hustler gets a large front grille just like the ones in old real-life vintage cars. This grille is supported by a narrow hood that also supports the two headlight pots. And yes, Hustler was a rear-wheel-driven vehicle.

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  8. ZR350


    Talking about the ZR350, it is super easy to guess, that it was based on the Mazda RX7. In the real world, the RX7 got one of a kind rotary (Wankel) engine. This motor gave this two-door vehicle a distinctive exhaust note. Also, the in-game ZR350 got pop-up leadlights just like the original RX7.

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  9. Bullet


    Based on the Ford GT, Bullet is the third-fastest car in the GTA San Andreas. Talking about the details, Bullet is with a mid-mounted engine and offers a rear-wheel-drive layout. Now, popping the hood open, the Bullet essentially comes with a V6 engine, offering it immense power. Also, the bullet has a well-rounded dynamic package but the downer is that it is more prone to damage.

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  10. Buffalo


    By the looks of it, Buffalo takes its design cues from the third-generation Chevrolet Camaro. Buffalo in GTA San Andreas gets twin pot circular headlights, with a ram air intake for better performance with a lip spoiler on the boot lid. There are not many customization options for the buffalo, but it is fun to drive considering the throaty exhaust note.

BONUS: Cheetah


There are several cars in the GTA world that may have varying ambivalence. But there is one car that has a non to least number of haters, the Cheetah. Cheetah, in the GTA world, be it Vice City or San Andreas is among the top 3 fastest cars. But where it disappoints is the customisation options. Nevertheless, Cheetah is possibally our favourite car from the complete GTA game franchise.

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So, these were the 10 cars from GTA world, that we think are memorable. From the GTA world which is your favourite car, let us know in the comment section below. We do have multiple articles on GTA lined up. So, stay pinned!