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MG Hector BS6 launched!

MG Hector becomes the latest vehicle to enter the BS6 bandwagon.

MG has priced the vehicle at 12.74 lakhs for the entry-level base model. The price difference due to the BS6 upgrade has been around ₹26,000 for the variants.

The SAIC-owned company has been making sure that it does not leave any chance to capture the Indian automotive market efficiently. However, as for the diesel variant, there hasn’t been an upgrade from the company.

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Engine Specifications

The automatic variant of the petrol-powered SUV gets a Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT), while the standard version gets a 6-speed manual option. The engine power output stands at 143 PS and the torque generated is 250Nm.

A partial hybrid variant is also up for sale by MG which comes with auto start and auto stop function when the car is idle. The hybrid version of the MG Hector, also gets brake energy regeneration capability along with a mild torque-assist function, when the car is accelerated.

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The interior of the vehicle remain unchanged and there hasn’t been any major update on the exterior either.


Price Difference | MG Hector BS 6 vs MG Hector BS 4

There is a price difference of up to 25,000 between the BS6 and the BS4 spec MG Hector. The main price difference is due to the engine upgrade for BS6 fuel compliance.

Model / Variant BS6 Hector BS4 Hector Price Difference
Style  Rs 12.73 lakh Rs 12.48 lakh Rs 25,000
Super  Rs 13.53 lakh Rs 13.28 lakh Rs 25,000
Super (hybrid) Rs 14.13 lakh Rs 13.88 lakh Rs 25,000
Smart (hybrid) Rs 15.23 lakh Rs 14.98 lakh Rs 25,000
Sharp (hybrid) Rs 16.53 lakh Rs 16.28 lakh Rs 25,000
Smart (Automatic) Rs 15.93 lakh Rs 15.68 lakh Rs 25,000
Sharp (Automatic) Rs 17.43 lakh Rs 17.18 lakh Rs 25,000


The Hector has been a popular vehicle for the Indian markets till now. However, the segment that the car has been poaching remains a highly congested one with many successful cars. Now with the MG entering the BS6 squad, its popularity will grow further!

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Kia already launched its BS6 diesel version of the Seltos in August last year, so it’s highly expected that MG will be bringing in the 2.0-litre diesel engine with an update soon.

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