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Mid-Sized SUV sale up by 38%! Is Kia Seltos the reason?

The auto industry in India was suffering a lot in terms of sales but the mid-sized SUV segment has done considerably well in terms of sales. The new entrants like the Kia Seltos have raised the sales of this segment significantly. More and more customers are attracted towards this segment because this one is the most practical segment considering the city conditions. 

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The mid-sized SUV sales have done good because of the mid-sized SUVs offering great comfort and performance along with the compactness. While the Creta continues to be doing great in terms of sales, Kia Seltos has taken over and is now the leader in the segment.

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The South-Korean manufacturer launched its first product in August 2019 and the audience has loved the car ever since its launch. The mid-sized SUV is already doing great and almost 15,000 units have been sold in January 2020. Hyundai Creta is at the second spot with a sale of 6,900 units in the month of January. This was a decline of 33% YoY sales as 10,314 were sold in the same month last year.

Kia Seltos
Kia Seltos | Mid-sized SUV segment leader

Mahindra Scorpio is a mid-sized SUV that has been doing great too. This car has gained an overall YoY sales growth with a sale of 5,316 units. Scorpio sold 4,882 units last year. There is a 9% growth in Scorpio’s sale.

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The Seltos played a major part in the growth of the mid-sized SUV because 34,355 units were posted cumulatively against 24,853 units during the same month in 2019 for the mid-sized SUV segment. The rivalry will intensify once the new Creta launches in India. Hyundai has already showcased the SUV and it looks quite promising!

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