Another Electric car is coming to India and this time its BMW with its Mini Cooper SE EV. After being showcased earlier in 2019 the new Mini Cooper will be launching in India in 2021. Due to a lack of any incentive to have electric cars in Indian markets, Mini will hold back till they see that the waters are good enough to make the dive.

Mini cooper will share its drive train from BMW’s i3 

Mini Cooper SE EV | Highlights

  • The motor will provide a torque of 270 Nm torque and 184hp power. 
    • With a 32.6kWh battery, its range will be in the area of 235 to 270 kms.
  • With a bottom-mounted battery, it will drive only front wheels.
  • It comes with a normal charger that can charge 80% in 150 mins or 35 mins with fast charging.
  • With an acceleration of 0-100 km in 7.3 secs its certainly not a fast car.

Mini Coopers are mostly used for inter-city travel so a fast acceleration doesn’t really matter. With a range of 270 KM, it will be ideal for leisure drive through a city.

Another Electric car is coming to India and this time its BMW with its Mini Cooper SE.
Mini Cooper SE EV Expected to launch in India by 2021

Speaking with a leading publishing house Francois Roca VP of Mini Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East said that India is not a priority market for them. Due to India’s lack of EV infrastructure, they are not really interested in bringing Battery Electric Vehicles(BEV) in India. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t come. Mr Roca also said that they will be bringing Mini Cooper SE EV to India when the infrastructure is large enough they will start selling in India and are currently only going to service markets that are closer to the plants. 

More about Electric Vehicles: Electric Vehicle Policy 2019 Draft Approved By Delhi Government

Dashbaord of Mini cooper SE EV
The dashboard of Mini cooper SE EV

Visually, it has some minor changes from the normal Mini cooper which should be obvious because of the switch to EV

  • No tailpipe as electric cars does not require one.
  • Increased height by 18mm to compensate for the battery pack.
  • Grille and some minor air dam changes make Mini Cooper SE look clean.
  • Tail lamps have Union Jack on them signifying the Mini’s British heritage.

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Does Mini cooper SE EV do justice to the heritage of Mini


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