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Minimum to Maximum of Airbags in India

Airbags are an essential safety feature when it comes to vehicle safety in crash situations. Before the government made dual front airbags & ABS necessary, not every car was equipped with them. They were only found on upper & premium variants of the vehicles. But times have changed now with the rising focus on safety. Let’s see the minimum to the maximum number of airbags in a car in India:

Minimum Requirements

Dual-front Airbags | Safety features in cars
Dual-front Airbags | Safety features in cars

Last year the government made dual airbags necessary for all the cars sold in India regardless of the price & segment. This was a basic safety necessity that every vehicle should be equipped with.

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The dual front airbags are the minimum a car is featured with. But the norms are changing, and the government is focusing more on vehicle safety and taking this minimal number from two to six. It will also depend upon the seating capacity of the people respectively.

Unique Offering

Mahindra XUV300

As we increase among the variants offered in any car, it usually goes from 2-6. All these manufacturers, such as Hyundai, Honda, Kia, and Skoda, offer up to 6 of these in their cars with other safety features as well. But Mahindra stands out here with their compact SUV XUV300 equipped with 7-airbags with the W8(O) variant.

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It is the safest car manufactured in India, with excellent safety features in the segment and price range. It also includes more safety features such as hill-start assists, ESP with roll-over mitigation, corner braking control & all-4 disc brakes. Mahindra has already revealed the electric XUV400 and also working on an update for the IC engine version.

Maximum Safety

Mahindra Alturas G4
Mahindra Alturas G4

Coming to the maximum number, we have Mahindra again taking place with nine airbags in the Alturas G4. This is the most premium SUV in Mahindra’s lineup, with a price of ₹31.87 lakhs for the 4WD variant.

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It has a majestic grille, HID headlights with DRLs, and a bold side profile with 17-inch alloy wheels. In addition to that, Alturas G4 is built on a robust quad-frame structure and has plenty more safety features such as ABS, EBD, ESP & an electronic parking brake with auto hold and hill-descent control & hill-start assists.

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