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8 Modern Car Safety Features that should surely come to India!

While the cars manufactured in India are becoming safer day by day, people have also started preferring safety over many other considerations while buying a car. While the sale figures still say otherwise, people have gradually started buying cars which provide safety compromising a bit on the mileage. With growing advance safety features, there are still some safety features which promise even more safety but are not available in India yet. Here is a list of modern car safety features that we wish were here as a package!

  1. Forward Collision Warning

    modern car safety features
    Forward Collision Warning

    The first one on our list can be a huge saviour if comes to India! We often see many situations where the accident occurs only because the person in front of you suddenly applies the brakes. The forward-collision warning system will always keep a track of the speed of the vehicle moving ahead and will warn you about the impending danger. This system keeps a check on the distance and the speed regularly.

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  2. Emergency Braking

    Modern Car Safety features
    Automatic Emergency Braking

    This is a simple yet useful feature. This works on a principle where the car will automatically brake if the driver fails to do so. This is quite quick because the driver might fail to react to a situation as fast as an automated system would do. The automatic emergency braking system is divided into two categories where the City Automatic Braking System helps the driver be safe within the city speed limits whereas the highway automatic braking system does the same job at high speeds.

  3. Pedestrian Detection System

    Modern car safety features
    Pedestrian Detection System

    This one is also among modern-day car safety features because of the excellent utility it provides. In a country like India, where you can spot pedestrians even on the national highways sometimes, this feature can prove to be a life saviour if integrated into Indian cars. An advanced form of the pedestrian detection system is also able to detect cyclists while the car is moving.

  4. Lane Departure Warning

    Modern car safety features
    Lane Departure Warning

    Continuing our list of modern-day car safety features, we have with us the lane departure warning system. This system warns you if begin to move out of your lane unless you have already indicated to do so. This system employs a camera placed on the windshield near the rearview mirror which keeps a check on the road lane markings ahead and alerts the driver immediately if the car begins to steer away.

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  5. Safety Exit Assist

    Safety Exit Assist
    Safety Exit Assist

    Hyundai has come up with a really great safety feature which will not only save your car but can also save another person who is approaching your car from behind. Yes, we have seen many times when we unknowingly open our car’s doors and suddenly spot a car or bike coming from behind who may have to struggle a lot to avoid an accident. Hyundai’s advance safety features don’t let the doors open if they sense any vehicle coming from behind. The new Santa Fe has got this feature and we hope more cars will get it soon.

  6. Adaptive Headlights

    modern car safety features
    Adaptive Headlights

    Another one that can help you well if you are driving at night. This feature has the ability to rotate the headlight’s direction in the direction of movement of the vehicle. In the picture above, you can see that if the wheels turn, the headlights turn along therefore giving you a better view of what’s ahead. For instance, you can see that the animal on the road is visible to the car with adaptive headlights way before it would be visible to a car with normal headlights thereby saving an accident.

  7. Blind Spot Detection

    Blind Spot Detection
    Blind Spot Detection

    Another one on our list of modern car safety features that we want to have here in India is the blind spot detection system. This feature is already here but like other features, this one is also limited to high-end cars. We highly await this feature to be integrated into the mid-range cars because this can be a saviour while driving on highways.

  8. Facial Recognition

    Facial Recognition
    Facial Recognition

    Well, this feature will increase the safety of the vehicle and will be a saviour in preventing thefts because just like your smartphone, your car will operate through facial recognition! The same technology as we have in our smartphones has been improvised and put in the new Subaru Forester. Not here in India yet but we hope it gets here soon. At the same time, the owner who drives a car with facial recognition should hope that there is no doppelgänger nearby!

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These were the modern car safety features that are already there in the international markets. As said earlier, some of the features are already here but only premium segment cars have experienced them. We hope the automakers will try and bring these features down to an affordable price. Safer cars are what all of us want and considering its Inda, we want it at an affordable price too! Isn’t it? Share this article with all the automotive enthusiasts around you and let them know about the latest buzz in the world of automotive safety!

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  1. Pedestrian detection system will be a complete failure on Indian roads especially when there are more people roaming on roads than vehicles.


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