This Modified Maruti Suzuki Ignis Is North India’s Loudest

North India's Loudest Maruti Ignis

Maruti Suzuki – a name that will make you think that you are about to see or drive a car that will be low on power but high on mileage. Well, in today’s feature, we will tell you about a member of the MSIL family who will blow your mind. We are talking about Mohit Malik’s modified Maruti Suzuki Ignis, the loudest one in North India! Yes, this car is race-ready and gives you all you need on a track. Maruti cars aren’t born, so he built it so! Let’s have a look at all the mods this car has got.

Before starting, we have a treat for you if you feel too lazy to read or want to hear the roar. Watch this video till the very end!

If you are here, this means you are actually into reading, and we won’t disappoint you. Let’s start with the list.

  1. Its Got Specialised Terrain Tyres

    This car has 12 functioning tyres. Yes, you read that right! Mohit has bought 3 different sets of tyres for different terrains. Some people think it’s easy to take their rides to different terrains without taking any necessary steps and end up hurting their dear machines. Look at this beauty with a different set of shoes for each soil it hits!

  2. And A Custom Wrap Job

    A major highlight this car has is the dual shade wrap job, where the driver’s side has a matte finish with yellow strips painted, whereas the passenger’s side has a chameleon wrap job where you would see different colours from different angles. Isn’t that great? We won’t be able to explain this in the text, so we have left the link to the video above for you to see this beautiful wrap job done on the Ignis.

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  3. Don’t Forget The Custom Hood and Bumper

    Modified Maruti Suzuki Ignis

    Weight reduction: the only thing a racer is concerned about. This customised carbon fibre hood has reduced the weight of this car significantly, and this hood sits on the body with the help of two latches which hold it in place. It is extremely easy and fast to open and close for easy access. Similarly, the bumper is also fixed into place by 2 latches, one on each side.

  4. Anti-Roll Bars (Strut Bars) For Safety

    Another major racing upgrade this car has got is the anti-roll bar. As the name suggests, anti-roll bars prevent cars from rolling at high speeds. You definitely won’t slow down that much before taking a turn when racing. Therefore, these anti-roll bars ensure you are safe by preventing the car from rolling or toppling.

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  5. Hydraulic Handbrake For Drifting Yo!

    For stuff like this, you can’t rely on stock cars. For fast and sharp turns, you’ve got to use the handbrake, and if you stick to the conventional handbrake all of us get in our cars, you won’t be able to handle your machine properly. Therefore, Mohit has a hydraulic handbrake installed in his modified Maruti Suzuki Ignis. You can even pull it from a single finger and get maximum results!

  6. Kill Switch For Enhanced Ergonomics

    At some moments, you might need to switch your car off immediately. With many accessories and installations, there is a high chance of a short circuit in your machine. Mohit has installed a kill switch inside his car, which makes every accessory and engine go off on a single pull. You can say that this switch is the master key, and even your car’s key won’t be able to switch the ignition on if this is not in place.

  7. The Side-Exit Exhaust

    Maruti is not fond of delivering great exhausts. While each modification brings this car a step ahead of winning a race, this side exhaust makes it a car lovers’ delight. This is a custom-made exhaust which is extremely loud, which is why this is north India’s loudest Modified Maruti Suzuki Ignis!

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This hatchback has got great engine mods as well. We are not sharing the engine modifications because it is a professional track car, and we are not allowed to let every secret out! This was it for this article and about this modified Maruti Suzuki Ignis. If you have such a modified car, leave a comment below, and we will love to shout your machine out! Please share this article with all racing enthusiasts and give them an insight into this mean machine!