8 Must Have Best Car Accessories Brought To You by GoMechanic!

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Monsoon is around the corner and your car definitely needs to be prepared for it. GoMechanic Accessories has got you covered! Now, that we have a wide range of accessories and you might have to search a lot. To make this easier for you, here are 7 handpicked car accessories for you that will make your car monsoon ready! Without any delay, let’s get started!

  1. Anti-Fog Membrane

    Anti-Fog Membrane

    This is the most important one among the monsoon car accessories. While it’s raining, the visibility drops considerably. If you go for this anti-fog membrane, you can be sure about the visibility of your ORVMs. No fogging, no water droplets, just clear vision! Buy these here.

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  2. Prevento Car Cover

    This is a very good product that can protect your car while it is at rest. Be it the summer heat or the monsoon rains, GoMechanic Prevento has got you covered! This easy to use car cover comes with easy installation and removal. Watch the video to know how GoMechanic Prevento can make your life easy. Buy it here.

  3. Car Wipers

    Conventional Vs Frameless Wipers Difference

    Another major one among monsoon car accessories is a pair of wiper blades. Some of you might need 3 because of the rear windshield wiper. Visibility is the first thing you need to drive through the rains and windshield wipers are the prime requirement for that. With GoMechanic Accessories, you can get yourself a clear vision and ensure a good drive. Buy car wipers here.

  4. Carbn C4 Air Purifier

    GoMechanic Car C4 Air Purifier

    Another thing that can fulfil your monsoon need is the car air purifier. You won’t roll the window down for sure. While you are inside the car, GoMechanic’s Carbn C4 makes sure that every breath is clean! In today’s time where we are suffering from poor AQIs, this small device makes sure that you are safe from any respiratory disease.

  5. Window Visors

    Window Visor

    Want to enjoy the rain? Well, with window visors you can be sure of the fact that you will not get water inside while you can enjoy the cool breeze. Among monsoon car accessories visors can surely be a good and beneficial one. Not only rains, but this can also protect you from the sunlight as well. What’s more? Visors add to your car’s look as well!

  6. Microfiber Cloth

    Microfiber Cloth

    Be it any season, you can use the microfiber cloth to clean your car. This is extremely helpful in case of a drizzle where you would see water droplets on your car’s surface. If you wipe those off with a normal cloth, there is a high chance that your car’s surface might get scratched. On the other hand, microfiber cloth absorbs the water well and leaves no mark behind! Buy microfiber here.

  7. Floor Mats

    Monsoon Car Accessories

    Another thing that the monsoon calls for is a clean floor. You can’t afford to make your car’s floor dirty. For this, we have a wide variety of floor mats where you can select from fabric and plastic mats depending upon your need. We would recommend going for plastic mats because they are easy to clean and hassle-free during rains. Buy car mats here.

  8. Car Perfume

    Monsoon Car Accessories

    Last but not least, we have car perfume. While it is raining outside, it can be troublesome inside your car’s cabin. This car perfume can be a real saviour when you step inside the car on a rainy day. We have a wide variety of car perfumes to choose from. You can choose the best for yourself.

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