12 Most Practical Monsoon Car Care Tips Which Are Actually Useful

12 monsoon car care tips

All of us are eagerly waiting for the monsoon to arrive and with June 2020 coming to an end, July will let us witness the initial monsoon showers. No doubt, the rainfall will help bring the temperature down but it also proves to be a trouble for some of us. Most of the people who find rainfall as trouble are either travelling on the road during the rainfall or are about to step onto the roads which are already filled with traffic and of course the rainwater due to the clogged drainage. While we take certain measures to protect ourselves from the rain, our car needs similar care too. Here are 12 monsoon car care tips that you can actually use!

  1. Ceramic Paint Protection (Must-Have)

    Ceramic Coating | Ford Endeavour

    Your car’s paint is directly exposed to the sun rays and rainwater throughout the year. If you don’t want the rainwater to damage your car, you can get a paint protection process done. There are multiple techniques by which you can protect your car’s paint but we would suggest you get your car ceramic coated. The major reason behind this is your investment will not only be limited to the rainy season. This is one of the best monsoon car care tips that will help you all year round! If you invest in a ceramic coating, the direct exposure to rainwater won’t be an issue. Also, your car won’t be damaged by exposure to the sun rays too.

  2. Anti-Rust Underbody Coating

    Anti-Rust Underbody Coating

    Just like the upper surfaces of your car, the lower surfaces of your car are also exposed to rainwater. Considering its India, you would find multiple roads clogged with rainwater making it difficult to drive your car. In such a situation, the underbody gets directly exposed to the water-clogged roads which can possibly lead to the formation of rust on the underbody. It’s a wise idea to protect the underbody of your car with an anti-rust coating to avoid the formation of rust on your car’s underbody. Wondering where you can get this done? Well, we’ve got you covered.

  3. Windshield Water-Repelling / Coating

    Windshield Water Repellent

    The most important part of the car that provides you with the best visibility while driving is the windshield. Just imagine what will happen if you are not able to see clearly through your car’s windshield. This is one of the most important monsoon car care tips as this will help you see through the glass really well even if your wipers are not working properly anyhow. The above image is sourced from Nano Care Products and you can clearly see how a windshield water repellent works.

  4. Check The Tyre Treads

    Tyre Tread Check

    You should keep a check on your car’s tyres especially during the monsoon season. This is because if your car tyre’s treads aren’t good enough, you will lose grip on the road and it will also affect the braking. In case of a wet and slippery road, worn-out tyre treads can definitely land you in trouble. The best way to check your car’s tyre treads is to insert a coin. For instance, take a 2 rupee coin and insert it in your car’s tyre treads. If half of the coin is inside the treads, then you are good to go. You will need a tyre replacement soon if most part of the coin is not able to fit inside the tread.

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  5. Alloy Wheel Coating

    Alloy Wheel Coating

    In case your car has got alloy wheels, this tip is surely for you. You should get your alloy wheels coated before letting your car step into the puddles. This will make sure that your car’s alloys remain in their best condition throughout the rainy season. Also, if you have got steel wheels in your car, you should get them treated as well. This will help avoid dirt buildup which can eventually lead to the formation of rust.

  6. Checking The Electricals For Insulation

    Car Battery Checkup

    No one likes to be stuck on the rods no matter what season it is. Needless to say, you should check your car battery’s health before stepping out and the special check that you need to carry out for monsoons is the insulation. Our car’s hood is in direct contact with the rain so you should make sure that all the wiring and fuse elements are well insulated. You already know why water and electricity can’t be in the same place. To avoid any short circuits, keep a check on the insulation.

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  7. Checking / Servicing The Brakes

    Car Brake Servicing

    Your car’s brakes are the ultimate saviours on the road. If your car’s brakes are not fit, you are surely in trouble. Especially when the roads are wet, our brakes should be in their best condition to avoid any accident. If you are not sure how to check or service your car’s brakes, we are here to help you out. Walk into a GoMechanic workshop near you to make your car’s brakes monsoon ready!

  8. Replace Old Wiper Blades

    Car Wipers

    Wiper blades are extremely important for clear visibility in case of heavy rains. If your car doesn’t have a good quality wiper blade, you won’t be able to see what’s ahead on the road. Also, if you have a hatchback or SUV, you should get a rear wiper blade as well to keep a check on the rear traffic as well. Ever thought why sedans have got no rear wipers? Let us know in the comments and we will let tell you why in another detailed article on the same!

  9. Cover Your Car

    Car Cover

    Well, the best thing you can gift your car is a cover. It will protect your car all year round. Also, if you invest in a waterproof car cover, monsoons would be an absolute delight for your car as well. We agree it would be an expensive investment but you love your car’s paint more than the cover’s cost. Don’t you?

  10. Disinfect Your Car’s AC

    How a Car AC work? Automotive Air Conditioning Explained

    The most important among all the monsoon car care tips, especially in 2020 is the disinfection. Get your car’s AC disinfected and get rid of all the mould and mildew buildup that might harm you later. It’s quite obvious that you need to use the AC during the rainy season therefore, it is equally important that your car’s AC doesn’t harm your health. Book an AC service from the GoMechanic app to get your car AC cleaned and disinfected.

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  11. Sanitise Your Car’s Cabin

    Car Sanitisation

    Again, taking 2020 into consideration, you should definitely get your car’s cabin sanitised to prevent yourself from getting exposed to any virus. You already know how quickly the virus spreads in the monsoon season. We definitely need to travel but we shouldn’t without taking any precautions. Get your car fully sanitised at a GoMechanic workshop near you and be assured of a completely contactless process.

  12. Keep An Emergency Kit Handy

    Emergency Survival Kit

    We know you are not going to a camping activity. But you never know how long it might take you to reach home while you drive through heavy rains. Multiple vehicles break down, unfortunate accidents happen and this can lead to traffic jams! To survive these jams, you should have an emergency kit ready which must have your favourite snacks and of course, enough amount of water to let you reach home safely.

These were the 12 practical monsoon car care tips that you can actually use. Concluding, it will be really good if you get your car a pre-monsoon checkup and service. GoMechanic has launched a monsoon package which will cover all the basic services that your car needs to get ready for the rainy seasons! So while you enjoy the rains, don’t make your car suffer. Share this article with all the people who will be using their cars in the rains and can learn and use some tips to save their cars from the ill effects of the upcoming season!