10 Most Annoying Features In Modern Cars

10 Most Annoying Features In Modern Cars

Cars, in general, have evolved a lot compared to 50 years ago and are still evolving as you read this article. Some features in cars are included for creature comfort, while some are included for safety reasons, but there are a few features that are annoying, to say the least. In this article, we look at the ten most annoying features in modern-day cars that can be deleted or modified to have a better experience.

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  1. Manual Center locking

    Manual Center locking

    With technology improving by leaps and bounds, we still don’t understand why manufacturers don’t give a central locking system as standard for all variants. The top-spec variants have a panoramic sunroof, ventilated seats, dual-zone climate control, keyless entry, and in contrast, the base variant won’t have something as much as a central locking system is a bummer. Buyers will be forced to install aftermarket accessories, which we all know do more harm than good. And, any issue with that, the manufacturer or the showroom folks will readily say that the warranty is void. It is definitely annoying to always lock and unlock the door using the key, especially if you walk away and have a doubt if you locked your car or not.

  2. Touchscreen without navigation

    Touchscreen without navigation

    Well, we do like having touchscreen infotainment in our car, but if you have one, then why would you use your phone or any other device again just for navigation? This is a different issue if you are going for an aftermarket touchscreen system because you can check if it has navigation before buying it. But, if you are purchasing a car with a touchscreen system but does not have navigation in it, then that’s definitely annoying. You are spending lakhs, and it misses out on such a basic feature for which you will end up using another device that has to be mounted on the dashboard.

  3. Touch-sensitive audio and AC controls

    Touch-sensitive audio and AC controls

    This is hands down the most annoying feature in modern-day cars, and the manufacturers have got to stop diving into it. Just because touchscreen systems look futuristic, it doesn’t mean everything has to be changed to a touchscreen unit. This is more important for AC and volume control. A classic rotary knob or dial is much more useful, especially while driving. Imagine you have a touchscreen control for the AC, as shown above, and you want to reduce the blower speed or increase the temperature while you are driving. You have no other option except to look away from the road, which is not always a good thing.

  4. Constantly irritating warning sounds

    Constantly irritating warning sounds

    Another annoying feature in modern cars is the warning sounds, especially the speed limit warnings. If it warns once, then it is good, and we acknowledge it, but most cars have a continuous beep after 120 kmph, which is irritating more than annoying. It is because of this that we tend to ignore them altogether, which again raises the question of safety and if we really do require them to be so annoying. Sometimes the blind-spot monitoring system also keeps beeping when there are vehicles next to you, and this never stops in tight traffic, which is an unavoidable situation, and you can’t help but turn it off.

  5. Steering wheels with only tilt option

    Steering wheels with only tilt option

    Most manufacturers offer only the tilt function, and it is definitely annoying to see why they cannot provide the telescopic too on all variants. It is definitely not a complex mechanism, and if offered, it only makes the car so much better. Everybody is not of the same height and hence will not have the same reachability, so having this feature is more of an advantage. If the car sells well because of the same reason, then the manufacturer is also benefitted from it.

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  6. Smaller spare wheel

    Smaller spare wheel

    We understand that the space-saving smaller spare wheel gives more room in the boot and makes sure that the owner will get the punctured tyre fixed instead of riding the spare wheel itself and causes mayhem when there is another similar incident. This is all fine, but we also need to consider the fact that the spare wheel cannot be driven at speeds higher than 80km\h and on top of that, it cannot be driven for more than a specified distance as well. I wouldn’t say it is reassuring to have such a spare wheel at all. Having a full-size spare wheel is what we think is any day better, safer and gives us more peace of mind.


  7. Useless switches

    Useless blank switches

    Seeing this kind of empty blank switches/buttons only reminds you that you do not have the top-spec version, and I would say it is more demotivating than anything else. What if the manufacturer gave us a layout that only has usable buttons? I think this makes more sense than having blank switches, which, anyway cannot be used for anything else.

  8. Center Speedometer

    Central Speedometer

    This is a gimmick by manufacturers who want to save costs while exporting to different markets around the globe. This is a benefit for the manufacturer but a disadvantage for consumers on many different levels. Firstly, it is uncomfortable to keep looking at the unconventionally placed speedo to see how fast you are driving when compared to the ideal location that is behind the steering wheel right in front of the driver. Secondly, and more importantly, it is not safe as it takes more time because you have to take your eyes from the line of sight for a longer period of time to view it at the centre when compared to directly below the line of sight in front of the driver.


  9. Inaccessible USB ports

    Inaccessible USB ports

    This is low-key one of the most annoying features in modern cars, and we must say that it is troublesome. Most of the USB ports are located in spots that are least ergonomic, and it seems more like an afterthought that they had initially forgotten about. It becomes more dangerous when you consider inserting the USB cable while you are driving. Many of the wireless charging pads that are provided in cars these days also face a similar issue, and we can’t seem to understand why.

  10. Low-resolution reverse camera

    Low-resolution reverse camera

    The low-resolution reverse camera is another annoying feature we think the manufacturers can improve on. Many aftermarket accessories are way better than the OEM ones, and they are cheaper too. We believe if the manufacturers cannot provide good quality cameras, they can at least remove them and reduce the charge so we can have them installed from outside. We feel the manufacturers charge us for products that are not worth the money we spend on them, which is annoying.

We know that there are a lot more features that the manufacturers introduce in the name of updates to their models that are more of an annoyance than being helpful. Apart from the ones listed above, what do you think is an annoying feature that the manufacturers have introduced? Let us know in the comments section below.

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