What’s a car problem that you face regularly?

Easy to answer? Well, seems so it is for many others. Car problems aren’t something new, but they sure can be complex at times. It is when we can’t get an answer to them, we do what most of the internet equipped population around the world does- Google.

Car problems can turn from minor to awry real quick and hence shouldn’t be ignored. While some of them might require expert help, others can be solved just by a Google search (probably).

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So keeping your intrigue and curiosity in mind, we’re here to come to your rescue. Here are some of the top Googled car problems, answered.

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  1. How do you know something is wrong with your car?

    Car Problems
    Car Problems

    It’s fairly simple to identify any sorts of issues with your car. There are a small list of symptoms that can help you diagnose a problem with your car.

    In case your car jerks when you are shifting gears, there is most likely a problem with the transmission. Another tell-tale sign that something’s icky with your engine is when your check engine light is on.

    Adding on, white smoke from the exhaust pipe and unfamiliar noises while the car is running is another major sign that your car might be facing some problem.

  2. At what age do cars start having problems?

    Old Cars | Car Problems
    Old Cars | Car Problems

    The answer to this question depends on the way a car has been driven. The way a car is driven during its tenure decides a major chunk of problem it faces.

    Moreover, if the vehicle in question hasn’t undergone regular maintenance and servicing, then it is more likely to face some sets of problems that others might not.

  3. Why is my car not starting?

    Spark Plugs Problems
    Spark Plugs Problems

    A car not firing up can have more than one reason. Firstly, there might be an issue with the spark plug. A spark plug plays a major role in the ignition of your vehicle. Moreover, faulty fuel injector might be the reason.

    Apart from these, a dead battery and a clogged fuel filter might be the other reasons which might be interfering with your car’s starting up.

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  4. What do warning lights on my dashboard mean?

    Service Engine Soon Dashboard Warning Light
    Service Engine Soon Dashboard Warning Light

    A warning or check engine light is one of the major identifications that your car needs a checkup, pronto. There’s a reason you pay for that light. These lights illuminate when your ECU (Engine Control Unit) detects an error code with the help of a sensor.

    Flashing lights usually indicate a more serious problem, whereas fixed lights can mean a minor degree of problem.

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  5. What causes tyre damage?

    Driving with worn-out tyres is dangerous
    Driving with worn-out tyres is dangerous

    Your tyres face the harshness of the Indian roads out there. Hence, they should get the proper care they require. If you notice that your tyres are wearing out unevenly apart from normal wear and tear, there’s a chance that the suspension needs an alignment.

    If your tyres run flat, it might obviously be due to puncture. However, in order to increase the longevity of your tyres, it is always recommended to rotate your tyres every 5,000 kilometres.

  6. My brakes are generating a squeaky noise. What to do?

    Common Car Noises
    Car Brake Pads

    Any kind of brake problem shall be taken seriously, for obvious and sensible reasons. In case, your brakes are squeaking.

    One major reason behind this can be fading of the brake pads or accumulation of dust on the discs/drums.

    When the brakes start making a grinding sound, that is when you should visit a professional at the earliest.

  7. Why is my car consuming more fuel?

    Bad fuel economy can mean an engine problem
    Bad fuel economy can mean an engine problem

    Older the car gets, shoddier becomes its fuel efficiency. A poor fuel economy is a sign of an inefficient engine.

    An engine consists of several parts such as air filter, air sensors, etc which complement its performance.

    In case, these elements aren’t updated and up to the mark, they hamper the overall performance of the engine. Hence, a proper maintenance routine is a way to go in such a scenario.

  8. Why is my steering wheel shaking?

    Steering Wheel Issues | Car Problems
    Steering Wheel Issues | Car Problems

    In case your steering wheel shakes or vibrates while you drive, there can be a number of components that might be making it happen. A damaged suspension or wheel bearings are usually to be blamed.

    In case the wheel shake takes place at higher speeds it can be due to wheel alignment and balance.

    In such scenarios, it is always advised to go for a full car inspection. Moreover, get an additional wheel alignment performed for your vehicle.

  9. My engine is overheating

    Prevent car overheating
    Car Overheating

    Overheating of a car’s engine can simply be due to irregular maintenance. Overheating might be a commonly asked question but it is very rare that overheating might take place these days.

    A plethora of sensors perform their jobs to ensure that a correct engine temperature is maintained at all times. However, if the engine overheats, make sure all the fluids are topped up, the radiator is looked after and the water is topped up as well.

  10. AC has stopped working.

    Car AC
    Car AC

    A car’s air conditioner might stop cooling if and when there’s a leakage of refrigerant or low amounts of the refrigerant present in the car.

    Refrigerants need to be topped up by the professionals, in case you have run out of any. You can also get your car’s AC serviced.

Conclusion | Car Problems

Car problems might seem like rocket science, but when you look into them, they aren’t so hard to figure out. While you might be able to know enough to diagnose the problem, it is always advisable to consult a professional to get your car problems fixed.

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