The latest series of tests conducted by the Global NCAP left India in shock. While the bestseller hatchback S-Presso scored Zero stars, the Grand i10 NIOS and the Kia Seltos scored 2 and 3 stars which were equally shocking for the people who already own it or for those who are planning to buy it! While people are still giving a second thought on their car-buying decisions, we take you through the 10 most Googled questions about Global NCAP in India. Most of you might already know about what the test is, but for those who are still clueless, this article will surely be helpful for you. Read on!

  1. What is NCAP full form?

    Global NCAP
    Global NCAP rating

    NCAP stands for New Car Assessment Program. The USA was the first country to launch a crashworthiness test for cars in 1978. Following this, there were many safety programs launched and in 2011, an independent charity was formed in the UK which tests cars for the emerging markets and runs programs like “Safer Cars for India”, “Safer Cars for Africa” and more.

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  2. Which Indian cars have passed the NCAP crash test?

    Tata Nexon NCAP Crash
    Tata Nexon NCAP Crash

    Considering its 2020, there are many. Going down the memory lane, Tata Nexon was the first Indian car to achieve a 5-star Global NCAP safety rating. Following this, the Altroz and Tiago also got 5 and 4 stars respectively. Other than Tata, Mahindra has also performed really well in the GNCAP tests with the XUV300 getting 5 stars and the Marazzo getting a 4-star rating. Sadly, the largest selling car brand is nowhere to be found!

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  3. Which cars have 5-star safety rating?

    Tata Altroz
    Tata Altroz

    As we mentioned above, Mahindra and Tata are the only Indian brands to have achieved a 5-star safety rating, the cars that scored 5 stars are Tata Nexon (the first one, of course!) followed by the Tata Altroz and the Mahindra XUV300.

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  4. Which is the safest car in the world?

    Global NCAP Genesis
    Genesis G70 NCAP

    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) designated Genesis entire lineup as Top Safety Pick+ award winners. The G70, G80 and the G90 have achieved top-notch NCAP crash ratings. The JD Power also named Genesis as one of the most dependable brands. Genesis is Hyundai’s luxury division. We don’t have it here in India as of now. On the other hand, Volvo is also known for developing many safe cars.

  5. Which Indian car is safest?

    Nexon XZ+(S) with sunroof
    Nexon XZ+(S) with sunroof

    Talking of safety? Tata has surely got your back. With cars like Nexon, Altroz and Tiago down the lineup, you can feel absolutely safe about your car buying decision. Alternatively, Mahindra XUV300 and Marazzo also guarantee a safe ride. While the Volkswagen Polo also offers a safe ride, the largest selling hatchback in India (Maruti Swift) is nowhere to be found on the safe vehicle list. Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza however, has got a 4-star NCAP rating and is relatively safe from all its siblings.

  6. How safe is EcoSport?

    Ford Ecosport | 10 Best Budget SUVs In India
    Ford Ecosport

    The American compact SUV scored 3 stars in the crash test. You would come across many articles stating that EcoSport got a 4-star rating in the test conducted by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). This 4-star rating was given to the AWD version while what we get here in India is the front-wheel-drive version which scored 3 stars only.

  7. What is a good NCAP Rating?

    Maruti Suzuki S-Presso Scores Zero Start In Global NCAP
    Maruti Suzuki S-Presso Scores Zero Stars In Global NCAP

    3 Stars and above can be considered as fairly good ratings. The one that you see above is definitely not a good one! Largest selling cars in India like WagonR and Santro have got a 2-star rating which means Indians definitely need to give a second thought on how they decide on buying a car for themselves. However, which car will get an advantage in an accident will depend upon various real-life factors other than the NCAP ratings.

  8. How safe is Suzuki Baleno?

    Baleno Euro NCAP
    Baleno Euro NCAP

    Maruti Suzuki Baleno got a 3-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash test back in 2016. We have got the Tata Altroz in the market which has a 5-star GNCAP Rating and belongs to the same segment. All of us know by now that Maruti is lagging behind in the terms of build quality where brands like Tata and Mahindra are doing extremely well. If you have a choice between Baleno and Altroz, you should definitely pick the safer one.

  9. Is a 4-star crash rating good?

    Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza vs Kia Seltos
    Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza vs Kia Seltos

    Yes, it is definitely not bad. This is because a 4-star rated car will help you survive a wide variety of accidents which a 3 or 2 star rated might fail to but you should always investigate about the 1 star which it could not gain. Different crash tests have different rating criteria based on various accident scenarios. However, if your car has got a 4-star NCAP rating irrespective of which test it was, you can be confident about its security anyhow.

  10. What does a 5-star crash-test safety rating mean?

    Mahindra XUV300's Global NCAP report
    Mahindra XUV300’s Global NCAP report

    In simple words, a 5-star NCAP score means that the car is safe. Various tests are conducted on the car and the results are prepared accordingly. The safety rating that we see is a cumulative result of all the tests combined together. If your car has got a 5-star rating this means that there is a 10% chance that you will be subjected to major injuries while in an accident. This % increases as the star rating decreases.

These were the 10 most Googled questions about Global NCAP in India. Do you have any other questions in mind? Do let us know in the comments section below and we will be happy to help!

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