Most Useful And Practical Car Accessories (Part-1)

Most Useful And Practical Car Accessories [Part 1]

Here is a list of 10 most useful and practical car accessories we think you should have :

  1. Tyre Inflator with Auto-Cutoff

    Gusto Series Of Tyre Inflators

    This is a compact but highly powerful tyre inflator with the auto cutoff feature. The model comes with high precision digital pressure gauge and a longer cable of 4.5m for a hassle-free experience. It has bright LED lights as well that could be used as a torch. It is equipped with 1 fuse and 3 different nozzles made from high-quality ABS plastic and stainless steel offering great durability. Buy it here.

  2. Compact Tyre Inflator

    This small and compact air compressor pump is a very useful tool if you are going for a tour or a weekly checkup of your car. It inflates the car tyres very quickly but of course, this results in heat building up since it is small. So at least a 10-minute break between each use is advised. Apart from that, it is easy to use, very handy with its compact design and value for money. But it here.

  3. 3M Microfiber Cloth

    Definitely one of the most underrated car care accessories. Using any other cloth causes streak marks which over time causes scratches on paint as well as glass. This product from 3M is soft, non-scratching and easily removes residues and dust from different surfaces. It can be used on paint, chrome, glass, metal, rubber, plastic and other surfaces without any worries. Buy it here.

    GoMechanic Accessories

  4. 3M Car Wax

    One of the most important reasons we sell this product is for the excellent gloss finish which offers long-lasting shine. It is streak-free and a durable synthetic cream wax ideal for all automotive exterior paints. Of course, you need to make sure that you apply this product in shade and not under direct sunlight for better results. BUy it here.

  5. Turtle Wax Car Shampoo

    This is for those who regularly wash their car themselves as this contains 3L of car shampoo which could be used for a longer period of time. It has this exclusive blend of super-foaming, fragrance infused polymers that safely lift the toughest dirt to add the perfect shine to your car. The unique thing about this product is that the formula changes the cleaning strength based on the amount of product added. However, the best part is that it can be used in a pressure washer if you have one. Buy it here.

  6. Turtle Wax Glass Cleaner

    The glass in your car no matter where it is helps in providing you visibility and that makes it super important to have it clean and crystal clear. This product is specifically made for this purpose. Unlike conventional glass cleaners, this product does not contain ammonia, harsh surfactants, dyes, or chemicals that can leave a residue. It makes an easy job of cleaning glass grime of bugs, salts, dirt, smoke, fog, greasy dirt, fingerprints and gets the streak-free window sparkle back. Buy it here.

  7. 3M Car Wash Shampoo

    This is a product for those who wash their cars but are not very regular at it. The advantage of this product is that it works with soft and hard water which helps a lot in the Indian market where soft water is hard to come by. Its PH balanced, easy rinse foam removes tough dirt and grime, without affecting the paint surface as well as the wax if it is applied. Buy it here.

  8. 3M air conditioner cleaner foam :

    If you feel the A/C in your car is not performing well, which may be things like the fan speed not being felt even at high speeds or the cooling is not effective, then you need to check this product out. It is a foamy cleaner primarily used for cleaning automotive air-conditioner coils, A/C ducts, louvres, and similar packages quickly. It is easy to use and lasts longer as well. Buy this here.

  9. Pioneer Parking sensors :

    If you are living in a crowded city, then that itself is more than enough reason to buy this product. It is a very helpful product during parking and has a wide variety of compatible models as well. The sensors are pretty accurate with respect to the distance and give updated readings very quickly too. Buy it here.

  10.  GoMechanic Carbn C4

    Apart from the trend of the ongoing cars that come factory fitted with the air purifier, it has become an increasing necessity in Tier 1 cities solely because of the alarming pollution levels. It’s not like the car won’t move without an air purifier but the journey while it’s moving is made more comfortable and breathable because of this product. This is a more budget-friendly option by GoMechanic which has a HEPA filter as well to trap dust particles and clean almost 99% of all dust and germs in the air. Buy it here.