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Old and New Gen cars that are sold alongside in India!

The Indian automotive industry has seen many new launches in the past few months. It is about to experience some new launches in the coming months too. Among the new launches, the Honda City 2020 stands strong in the market. For those who don’t know, the older gen Honda City is also on sale alongside! Yes, you would find the old and the new Honda City together inside a Honda showroom these days! Making two cars from different generations exist under the same roof isn’t a new move. Auto brands have been doing this since long. In today’s featured, we have a look at old and new-gen cars sold alongside in India.

  1. Hyundai i10 & Grand i10

    Next-gen Hyundai i10
    Next-gen Hyundai i10

    Back in 2013, when i10 was already doing good in the Indian market, Hyundai had a plan to fill the void between the i10 and the i20. The Korean automaker came up with the Grand i10 which was bigger in dimensions, had a more premium finish and features like the rear AC Vents along with the built-in memory in the stereo setup. Even the i20 didn’t have it at that time. The Grand i10 proved to be a tough competitor for many at that time and remained a hot seller for long. The only thing to notice here is that the previous-gen i10 was on sale alongside! Therefore, this duo made it into our list of old and new-gen cars sold alongside.

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  2. Hyundai Grand i10 and Grand i10 NIOS

    Hyundai Grand i10 CNG
    Hyundai Grand i10

    Looks like Hyundai is obsessed with this practice and specifically for the ‘i10’ lineup. Launch a new one while the existing one is on sale too! The Grand i10 NIOS came out almost a year ago. Hyundai launched the NIOS in India on August 20, 2019. Continuing the practice, they didn’t discontinue the already existing Grand i10. Yes, you can buy both the Grand i10 and the Grand i10 NIOS from a Hyundai showroom near you! FYI, the older gen i10 has been discontinued.

  3. Hyundai Accent & Verna


    Hyundai Accent was one of the most affordable sedans available in India. It proved to be a tough competition for the Maruti Esteem and when Hyundai realised there was a need for something premium, they came up with the Verna in 2006. Hyundai should have discontinued the Accent by then but considering the already developed trust and popularity, Hyundai decided to call their new sedan as Verna and sold the Accent alongside. The Verna we get in India is still known as the Accent in many international markets. Talking about 2006, Verna proved to be a storm in the Indian market and stood as a tough competition for the SX4, Ford Fiesta and more!

  4. Skoda Octavia & Skoda Laura

    Skoda Laura
    Skoda Laura

    Again a similar case. The next one on our list of old and new-gen cars that sold alongside is the Skoda duo. Skoda Octavia was already doing good in the Indian market but Skoda wanted to launch the new-gen Octavia in India too. Considering the already high sales of the Octavia, they decided to bring in the next-gen with a new name – Laura! Yes, the car that you know by the name of Laura was actually the updated Octavia only. Therefore, this duo is also on our list of old and new-gen cars that sold alongside.

  5. Maruti Suzuki Dzire & Dzire Tour

    2020 Maruti Suzuki Dzire Facelift | Variants
    2020 Maruti Suzuki Dzire Facelift

    The one you see above in the picture is the latest iteration of the Dzire franchise. Maruti Suzuki has definitely taken into consideration, the demand for this car as a fleet vehicle. The cab/fleet owners absolutely love the Dzire for the comfort it delivers along with the excellent fuel efficiency. Therefore, Maruti Suzuki has kept the older gen Dzire alive by renaming it as the Dzire Tour and limiting the availability of features. But you get that old shape. If you loved that one, you can buy a Dzire Tour and you know where to head to get the features like power windows and infotainment installed!

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  6. Ford Fiesta & Ford Classic

    10 Flop Cars in India that were actually Good
    Ford Fiesta

    While the Fiesta Classic had already developed a huge fanbase in India, the enthusiasts also loved driving the Ikon and the Fusion. Ford discontinued the Ikon and the Fusion. In 2012, Ford introduced the Focus Sedan in India by the name of Ford Fiesta. This had a new 1.5-litre engine. The Fiesta and the Classic sold alongside for long and therefore they are also on our list of old and new-gen cars that sold alongside.

  7. Tata Indigo and Tata Zest

    The Tata Indigo | When Tata Made a Sedan
    The Tata Indigo

    The Bolt and the Zest duo was supposed to replace the Indica and the Indigo duo in India. However, the Indigo eCS had been an unrivalled leader in the fleet market. Providing the drivers with the best-in-class fuel economy Indigo has been loved by many. Tata launched the Zest in 2016 but instead of discontinuing the Indigo, they decided to sell it alongside.

  8. 2020 Honda City and 4th-Gen City

    Honda City BS6
    Honda City BS6

    The 2020 Honda City was launched recently in India. With many first-in-class features, this sedan has achieved much despite the ongoing pandemic. Honda, however, has decided to try what others have been doing from the past few years. Honda is selling 2 generations of the City alongside! Although they have trimmed the lineup to two variants only. These two variants are still considerable competition for many.

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These were the old and new-gen cars that sold alongside in the Indian automotive market. Sometimes, the manufacturers take into consideration the success that the ongoing model has already achieved and therefore, they decide to let the ongoing model work along with introducing the facelift. Along with satisfying the customers who wanted a new-gen to be introduced, the automakers are able to satisfy those people who are still in love with the older gen models. Also, they put up huge discounts on the older gen models so they can be a steal deal for sure!

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