5 Must-Have Emergency Spare Parts In Your Car

Spare parts of cars

Modern cars are built to last; they’re tested extensively before they’re rolled out on the streets. Therefore, the chances of something blowing up are fairly negligible, but being prepared for a situation is the best that we can do. There are some parts in our cars that can easily wear out, especially in difficult driving conditions. Here’s a list of 5 must-have spare parts in your cars at all times!

  1. Extra Set of Lights

The lights of our cars are placed at a very vulnerable position; the slightest of bumps can break them down. Carmakers have been improving the strength of the headlight covers, but they’re still pretty delicate. Halogen lamps are also quite prone to malfunctions. So we believe that carrying an extra set of lights is your car is always advisable. They’re super easy to change in case something breaks! Some manufacturers still provide an extra set of bulbs with their cars, but some still don’t. So, it’s best to go ahead and grab yourself an extra set at the best prices over here!

Generic LED headlight Bulb
  1. A Spare Tyre

Now, we know that every car comes with a spare tire. But some manufacturers put this in the boot, which eats up the boot space (hello, Mercedes Benz) and people tend to take it out when they need to store more luggage. Also, punctures are awfully common and you have minimal control over this, so chances are that your spare tire is already used up. So don’t forget to get that repaired as well!

Spare Wheel
  1. Jumper Cables

I would say that you should carry an extra battery, but that would be a tad too much. So instead, you can carry these Jumper Cables. They can be EXTREMELY helpful if in case you leave your headlights on and the battery drains out. And believe me, this happens A LOT!

Jumper Cables

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  1. Extra Fuses

The fuse plays a very important role in regulating the current through the wires of your car. Give it too much heat, and it might fail. A blown fuse is a very common occurrence, but don’t worry, they’re pretty easy to diagnose and change. All you need is a small screwdriver. If your fuse has a visible gap in between the wires and the smear, it means that it has blown up. Get an extra set here!

Bonus Points!

  1. Tyre Inflator & Puncture Repair Kit

Inflators and repair kits are literally the perfect solution for the people who (still) don’t know how to change a tire. They’re so useful, and so easy to use. All you need is to plug the inflator into the socket is your car and fill that tire up! Check out the GoMechanic Inflator!

Gusto Series Of Tyre Inflators
  1. A Multi-Tool Kit

How often do you misplace the tool kit that came with your car? Most people don’t even realize when it’s gone. That’s why you should have a bigger and better toolkit at your disposal at all times when driving!

Extensive Tool Kit

So here was a list of a few must-have spare parts in your car at all times! Wish to see anything else in this list? Let us know in the comments!