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Hyundai Creta Gets a New Petrol Variant | Now Starts at ₹9.8Lakhs

Hyundai Creta, since its launch is leading the sales chart in the compact SUV segment. Of course, why not, the SUV offers a robust build and potent engines capable of delivering adequate power for the job. Keeping that in mind, the Korean manufacturer, Hyundai has a new base variant in the Creta line-up that sits below the EX variant.

Hyundai Creta
Hyundai Creta

Petrol Prices Update (October 2020)

Updated Hyundai Creta Variant-Wise Price (Petrol)

Variants Updated Prices Old Prices Price Difference
1.5-E ₹9,81,890 N/A N/A
1.5-EX ₹10,60,900 ₹9,99,000 ₹61,900
1.5-S ₹11,83,900 ₹11,72,000 ₹11,900
1.5-SX ₹13,57,900 ₹13,46,000 ₹11,900
1.5-SX (iVT/Automatic) ₹15,05,900 ₹14,94,000 ₹11,900
1.5-SX(O) (iVT/Automatic) ₹16,26,900 ₹16,15,000 ₹11,900
1.4(GDI)-SX (7-Speed DCT) ₹16,27,900 ₹16,16,000 ₹11,900
1.4(GDI)-SX(O) (7-Speed DCT) ₹17,31,900 ₹17,20,000 ₹11,900

For you to know, earlier that base petrol EX variant was the starting point to enter into the Creta family. On the contrary, the E variant was the one for the diesel. The fun part here is that Hyundai has given an option of opting the E variant for the petrol too.

Keeping that aside, some good things come at a cost. Well, in order to fit the new variant in the lineup, Hyundai has increased the prices of other variants sitting on top on the E model.

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Diesel Prices Update- (October 2020)

The prices are not just restricted for the petrol variants. Hyundai Creta with the diesel engine has also seen some price hike. Talking about diesel, the prices are unchanged for the base E variant rest all the variants have seen some price hike. The prices are as follows.

Updated Hyundai Creta Variant-Wise Price (Diesel)

Variants Updated Prices Old Prices Price Difference
1.5-E ₹9,99,900 ₹9,99,000 N/A
1.5-EX ₹11,60,900 ₹11,49,000 ₹11,900
1.5-S ₹12,88,900 ₹12,77,000 ₹11,900
1.5-SX ₹14,62,900 ₹14,51,000 ₹11,900
1.5-SX (O) ₹15,90,900 ₹15,79,000 ₹11,900
1.5-SX (Automatic) ₹16,10,900 ₹15,99,000 ₹11,900
1.5-SX(O) (Automatic) ₹17,31,900 ₹17,20,000 ₹11,900

Here is What Hyundai Creta Offers

For the most part, Creta offers a plethora of engine and transmission options to choose from. This is something that makes the compact SUV worth buying. The vehicle has each and everything one needs at different price points. Depending upon the needs one can choose their favourable variant.

This is what the car has on offer.

Hyundai Creta 2020 Engine Options
Hyundai Creta 2020 Engine Options
  • On the design front, the Hyundai Creta has borrowed some major tweaks from its bigger cousin, Hyundai Palisade. On the outside, the India-specific changes on the Creta include a new front grille, parched alloy wheels along with split head and tail lamp setup.
  • Other features on the outside include squarish wheel arches, a large panoramic sunroof and dual exhaust to give the classy SUV a more rugged look (on the turbo-petrol variant only)
  • However, on the inside, the new Hyundai Creta gets a big 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system along with its digital instrument cluster, steering mounted controls, leather upholstery along with many segment-leading features like Bose premium sound system.

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