This comes straight from MoRTH better known as the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways who recently issued a new notification that states that the new PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate norms will be unformed for the entire nation.

According to the new notification, the new PUC certificate will contain the vehicle owner’s mobile number, name and address, engine number, and chassis number as approved by the Centre Government. Moreover, the new PUC will now be linked to the PUC database with the National Register.

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The set notification also states that the government has also ruled out the need to get new PUC certificates at different locations for the same vehicle.

How will the new PUC data be digitalised?

  • The new PUC certificate will now come with a QR code that will have information about the vehicle, its owner and the current emission status.
  • The QR code will store the vehicle owner’s mobile number, name and address, engine number and chassis number.
  • All vehicle owners shall receive an SMS Alert on their designated mobile phones which will have information about the validation and fees for the PUC.

Any other update?

  • The Government has also introduced a new concept of a rejection slip in case the test result value is more than the maximum permissible value.
  • The set document can be used at all authorized PUC centres if the checking fails to work at any of these centres.
  • However, in case the vehicle owner fails to submit the vehicle for compliance or the vehicle fails to comply, the owner of the vehicle shall be liable for payment of penalty.
  • According to the notification, If the owner fails to comply with this, the registering authority shall, for reasons to be recorded in writing, suspend the certificate of registration of the vehicle and any permit granted, until such time a valid PUC certificate is generated”


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