7 Key Things To Know About The New Tata Safari

Tata Safari - Things You Should Know

There’s a new Tata Safari coming up. Tata is all set to bring back one of its classics- the Tata Safari.

With the stage set and all the things up and running, Tata seems to be confident about the SUV. As the news has been out, the Tata Gravitas is coming out with the classic Safari nametag this month.

While the Tata Gravitas has been spied quite a few times now and most of its exterior specifications have been speculated, this is new.

While there was an enthusiastic group of people waiting for Tata to launch the Gravitas, the Safari rebadging just adds to the nostalgia.

So, what are some things you need to know about the upcoming Safari hitting the roads this January? Let’s find out.

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  1. Republic Day Launch For The New Tata Safari

    The 2021 Tata Safari is hitting the roads on 26th January 2021. While it might seem late, it surely is a thing to rejoice about for many Tata enthusiasts.

  2. The Safari Name

    There’s a reason behind why Tata is going with the Safari brand name for the Gravitas.

    While speaking to an automobile magazine recently, Tata’s President, Passenger Vehicles Business Unit, Tata Motors, Mr Shailesh Chandra stated the reason.

    As per his statement, the decision was taken keeping in mind the legacy that the Safari has left in the Indian car markets. He further stated that the car represented “power, prestige, performance and strong presence”.

    The new avatar of the Safari will “carry forward this strong legacy”.

  3. The engine

    Tata 2.0-litre engine

    The new Tata Safari will be powered by the same Kryotec diesel engine doing duty in the Harrier. The turbocharged engine produces 170 bhp and an impressive 350 Nm of torque.

    It is expected to be mated with a 6-speed manual transmission and a 6-speed torque converter automatic.

  4. New Tata Safari’s Interiors

    The upcoming Safari shares many of its interiors from the Tata Harrier. It sports a similar 8-inch floating touchscreen infotainment system at the front. The Safari will be offered in 6 & 7 seater options. While the 6 seater version gets captain seats, the 7 seater version will sport bench seats.

    The list of features in the Tata Gravitas is pretty long and decent. From electronically-adjustable driver’s seats to cruise control and sunroof, the list runs long.

  5. Price

    The Safari is expected to be priced a segment above the Harrier. Considering that the Harrier costs somewhere between ₹13.49 lakhs to ₹20.30 lakhs, the new model is expected to sit above that.

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  6. 4X4 Version Coming Soon

    The Safari 4×4 coming soon?

    As if the launch of the vehicle wasn’t exciting enough, it is speculated that a 4×4 variant of the Safari will arrive soon.

    The Tata Safari is based on Land Rover’s Omega-architecture, which is equipped to sport a 4WD system. This comes as a piece of exciting news for all the Safari loyalists and enthusiasts.

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  7. Harrier, But A Little Different

    The Tata Safari seems quite identical to the Tata Harrier from the front. However, there is a slew of changes done to ensure a more efficient ride for Safari.

    The list of changes includes larger alloys, increased ride height, taller stance. It comes with a larger and a rear spoiler. The roof rails, roof spoiler and the stepped roof add to the dominant stance of the new Tata Safari.


Tata has decided to play it safe by bringing back the Safari brand name. While for many this might be a marketing trick, for a large lot this is a ride back to the nostalgia.

Safari has changed the perception around SUVs in India. Will this one take the legacy forward? While the job seems tough, the car is equally loaded to accomplish it.

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