7 Suggestions For Nexon EV- Make It Even Better!

suggestion for a better tata nexon ev
suggestion for a better tata nexon ev

The Tata Nexon EV can surely be called a revolutionary car for India. Coming in as India’s first electric car, the Nexon EV has changed a lot for the market. However, the car and the tech behind it, both are fairly new, and hence they’re not perfect. Here are 7 suggestions for Nexon EV that might make it a better product!

  1. Improved Range

This is one thing that every single EV owner asks for! Well, when it comes to range, Nexon’s numbers are not that high. While Tata claims a range of 312 KMs, the real-time range varies from 200-220 KMs.  This number is not high enough to make a buyer confident about driving a little freely, outside the city.

Tata Nexon EV Ziptron
  1. More Colour Options

    Currently, the Nexon EV is only available in 3 colors- Black, Blue, and White. We would really appreciate if Tata gives us some more options in the colors. While these do look good, the Blue and White have a lot of “EV” elements, some people might find that a bit too strong.

    Tata Nexon EV Dark Edition

  2. Controlled body-roll

    This is a suggestion for both the Nexon, and the Nexon EV. However, it applies to the EV a tad bit more since the torque is so high. It is no mystery that the body-roll on the Nexon is a lot, especially when compared to some competition cars.

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  3. Solve Battery Issues

    Nexon EV owners have been facing a lot of issues related to the battery. There were some cases where the battery won’t charge, while there were some cases where it would rapidly fall down to 0%. Tata service centers have been helpful though, they have replaced batteries for a lot of customers.

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  4. Solve Technical Issues

    EV’s come with a lot more technical and software-backed functions than an average car. The Nexon EV has been facing some software-related issues, which could be a safety hazard in some cases. These are usually fixed via updates, but Tata should make sure that there are no issues in the first place.

  5. Reduce Pricing

The Nexon starts at Rs. 7.39 Lakhs, while the Nexon EV starts at Rs.14.29 Lakhs. This is almost double of what the former costs. While the difference is smaller for higher variants, it is still quite expensive. Lowering the costs on EVs would make them a lot more approachable for many buyers.

2021 Tata Nexon EV Interior
  1. Improve Aerodynamics

By working on the aerodynamics, Tata will be able to address points 1 and 3 on this list of suggestions for Nexon EV. This will also improve the overall driving dynamics and the performance of the car.

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