Nissan was set to showcase its new e-power hybrid Kicks in the 2020 Bangkok International Motor Show which is now delayed due to the coronavirus. A teaser, however, was showcased by the Nissan Thailand hyping up the hybrid SUV.

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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the launch is delayed. BIMS was postponed to prevent further spread of the virus. It is the event where the Nissan Kicks was supposed to be launched.

Nissan Kicks source:
Nissan Kicks source:

Nissan, however, made sure to keep the hype up by releasing a teaser image showing the car in a semi-visible car cover providing a slight view of the hybrid SUV beneath.

The visible and earlier known changes are new headlights, tail lamps, redesigned front grille and a new set of alloy wheels. internal changes are also arriving for certain.

Nissan Kicks Drivetrain
Nissan Kicks Drivetrain

The e-power in the name is a technology which is a mix of conventional electric and a hybrid system. In a normal electric system, the motor is driven using a battery while in hybrid both battery and engine drive it at different intervals.

In e-power however, the engine is used to charge the battery while the battery powers the motor. Thus the engine does not act as a direct power source and in works like a generator to the battery that powers the motor. This allows the car to run in full-electric power mode and or the e-power mode.

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The facelifted version was expected to be showcased and released this year but now is indefinitely delayed.  The Indian version of Nissan Kicks is still to get a BS6 version even though a lot of testing models were spotted around.

The Indian Kicks is a bit bigger than the model offered elsewhere and has a lot of modifications given India’s driving conditions. The new e-power Kicks might make a show in the Indian market it albeit not in the near future.

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