Nissan Leaf Launching In India Very Soon?

Nissan Leaf Launching In India Very Soon?

Nissan has been in India for over 10 years. Yes, the last few years haven’t been the best for this brand in terms of recognition and sales, but the Nissan Magnite has done some good damage control. To move ahead in the Indian market, Nissan is all set to launch the Leaf in India. Here’s what we know about the Leaf’s launch!

  • What is the Nissan Leaf?

The Leaf is an all-electric car, that has been on sale in global markets for quite some time now. It’s a small hatchback that is very high-tech and feature-loaded. The Nissan Leaf has been spotted testing in India, however, there’s no information on anything else.

Nissan Leaf
  • When is the launch?

As per Nissan’s invite to the Move Beyond event, the Leaf will be launching on 18th October 2022. Yes, this is a very sneaky launch as there are absolutely no details revealed about the EV.

  • Competitors

The Nissan Leaf will compete directly with the all-new Tata Tiago EV. That’s it, that’s the only competitor this car has as of now. Depending on the pricing, the Leaf may also compete with the Tata Nexon EV, MG ZSev, and the Hyundai Kona. Hopefully, the pricing will be sane, and this car will be approachable for everyone. 

  • Features and Battery 

Globally, the Leaf gets more than what you would expect. It’s not the most luxurious or the most spacious vehicle, but it is very modern. It gets a slew of ADAS features and every single convenience feature you would need. The battery is a 40kWh unit that generates about 146HP and 320nm through the motor. The range stands at around 240KMs, which is not as competitive. Hopefully, Nissan will launch the Leaf in India with a bigger battery and a better range. 

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