Were you tired of standing in long queues at the toll plazas? Well, NHAI has got the solution for you!

FASTag reading machine faulty? No need to pay any toll.
No Need to pay toll, if queue is longer than 100 meters

The National Highways Authority of India has recently issued a fresh round of guidelines for all toll plazas across India. These new guidelines are aimed towards maintaining minimum waiting time.

What are the new guidelines?

Toll Plaza
Toll Plaza
  • Vehicle queues will not exceed 100 meters
  • The toll fees process time will also be reduced to 10 seconds per vehicle during peak hours.
  • However, if the queue somehow exceeds 100 meters, all toll plazas are instructed to let vehicles in front pass the toll without paying any charges.
  • To ensure that everything goes as planned, NHAI will also draw a yellow line at the 100-meter mark on each lane, starting from the toll gate.
  • The above-mentioned guideline will also be implemented if there is a queue due to a fault in the system as well.
 No Need to pay toll, if queue is longer than 100 meters

No Need to pay toll, if queue is longer than 100 meters

Although, ever since FASTags came into play, the processing of toll fees and the waiting period has drastically reduced. Moreover, according to a survey done by NHAI the FASTag penetration has reached over 96% in the majority of states.

NHAI has already stated that they are keeping eye on the growing ETC )Electronic Toll Collection) system in India. The department also plans upon designing and constructing new and more advanced toll plazas in the next 10 years to ease out the collection process.

The ongoing Covid-19 protocols have also made people opt for digital modes of payments and use FASTags at toll plazas instead.

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