OLA Electric Car – What We Know Till Now

OLA electric car – What we know till now

Ola has recently announced several initiatives on electric vehicles. From the electric two-wheeler segment, Ola wants to enter into a four-wheeler with the same mindset of reducing emissions and shifting to mass electric mobility. As several existing players already taking the ride, Ola has revealed its upcoming OLA Electric cars in this segment. So this article contains all the information available about it!

OLA Electric Car – A sneek Peek


The rental cab was the first step for Ola into the transportation industry. But now it is venturing into EVs too. So here is the latest update about the design, price, features and much other info of the OLA electric car.

Car Design and platform

As per the leaked notice information of OLA, all upcoming electric cars will have similar design elements as electric scooters. The themes would be modern and appealing.  As per media reports, Ola is optimizing its car as aerodynamically slippery as possible which will help in reducing the drag of the car and hence will make it efficient.


The unofficial shots video suggests that three electric cars are to be launched which could be SUV/Coupe, hatchback and sport sedan.

With the inclusion of various smart features like ADAS, Ola will be offering a 70-80kWH battery pack to deliver a long driving range in excess of 400 Km per full charge.

On the car exteriors, Ola is focusing to provide horizontally placed LED stop lamps and an illuminated OLA logo. The OLA electric car is expected to have U-shaped LED headlights with a light bar placed at the centre.

Although car interiors are yet to be revealed, we expect it will come with a compact cabin having a tab-like central touchscreen infotainment system.

Safety – A priority

Due to increased focus on car safety in terms of NCAP ratings, Ola is focusing on the highest possible safety standards and coming in line with the competition. We expect some of the technologies such as lane-keeping assist, blind-spot detection, roadside recognition, adaptive cruise control, pedestrian detection, hands-free parking, emergency braking etc.

Expected Pricing

Ola sedan is being positioned as a large sedan, so it won’t fall into the affordable EV category. It may have an expected price range of 25 lakhs and will compete against MG ZS EV and Tata Nexon EV Max.

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