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OLA S1 And S1 Pro Electric Scooters, Variants Explained

A while back OLA was only known to be one of the leading Taxi or ridesharing companies. Later, they decided to dial up the game up a notch, enters OLA Electric Scooters. OLA now in India is a full-fledged electric two-wheeler manufacturer. Well, if you follow the Indian automotive market, OLA electric scooters occupy a significant portion of the Indian automotive news.

New OLA S1
New OLA S1

Now recently, to celebrate the pride of the 75th Independence day, OLA finally launched its first production scooter the S1 and S1 Pro in India. Looking at the names might be a little confusing, after all these seem to be the names of the mobile phones. But worry not, today, let’s have a look at what the new scooters from a new Indian two-wheeler manufacturer have on offer.

OLA Scooters

New OLA S1 Scooters
New OLA S1 Scooters

Ola under the name of OLA electric has decided to enter the market with a new electric scooter. This scooter comes in two variants the S1 and the S1 Pro. Talking about the design, both the scooters look the same.

  • Both the variants look and feel well built with a hint of a futuristic aura. Starting with the handle, the scooter gets a twin-pod headlight setup mimicking the eyes of this cute looking scooter.
  • On the other side of the handle, the rider is greeted with a 7-inch coloured touch screen. This is where the rider interacts with the scooter.
  • The seat is spacious enough to easily accommodate two, even for long distances, as both the scooters boast of a class-leading range. More on that later in the article.
  • Another USP of the OLA S1 and S1 Pro is that both the scooters have a ming boggling 10 unique colours. What’s your colour?

OLA S1 Electric Scooter

As said earlier the Ola S1 scooter comes in two variants, a conventional model and a pro variant. Well, you’d have to get on the saddle to distinguish between the two scooters as both have different figures on paper. So, let’s decode which is better for you.

OLA S1 Variants

Variant S1 S1 Pro
MAX Speed 90kmph 115kmph
0-40kmph 3.6s 3s
Range 121kms 181km
Battery 2.9kWh 3.9kWh
Modes Normal, Sports Normal, Sports, Hyper
Peak Power 8.5Kw 8.5Kw
Price (ex-showroom) ₹99,999 ₹1,29,999

Looking at the figures, the extra price of the S1 Pro is totally justified. But if someone is really tight on budget, S1 makes more sense and in no terms it is inferior. Considering the rivals, the S1 offers class-leading acceleration and range figures for its price. Price, this reminds me, these figures are ex-showroom prices and do not include, the subsidy that the government offers on electric vehicles. Meaning, the on-road price will definitely be mouth-watering.

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OLA Scooter design
OLA Scooter design

OLA S1 State Prices (ex-showroom)

Variant S1 S1 Pro
Delhi ₹85,099 ₹1,10,149
Gujarat ₹79,999 ₹1,09,999
Maharashtra ₹94,999 ₹1,24,999
Rajasthan ₹89,968 ₹1,19,138
All Other States ₹99,999 ₹1,29,999

Depending upon the state tax and subsidy the prices vary with the state.

What are the unique features of the new OLA S1 and S1 Pro?

Apart from the superior powertrain, the OLA scooters have many unique features up the sleeves that distinguish them from the crowd.

  • Let’s start with the process of unlocking. The OLA scooters come with what the company calls proximity unlocking. This does what it says. The proximity sensors on the scooter senses the keyfob and unlocked itself as you approach the vehicle. Also, the scooter greets you by your name.
  • Driving an electric two-wheeler can never be boring again. Well, the OLA S1 and S1 Pro come with various vehicle sounds. Choose according to your mood and oh boy! all the sounds sound futuristic.

    OLA S1 Features
    OLA S1 Features
  • On the safety part, these scooters possess an anti-theft alarm system and also geo-fencing. This can be accessed via the mobile application that can be downloaded on both androids as well as IOS.
  • Additionally, for hassle-free driving on highways is that this scooter comes with cruise control. Yes, now you can set the desired speed on the highway and your scooter will maintain it uphill as well as down a slope.
  • If you like to listen to music, surprisingly OLA scooter also has an inbuilt speaker so that you can play your favourite track on the go.
    OLA S1 Features (navigation)
    OLA S1 Features (navigation)

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Can we buy one right now?

Well, as of now the company is only taking booking for the S1 and S1 Pro scooter. Also, the booking amount is set at ₹499. Additionally, the company claims that they’ll start the deliveries from 8th September.

Now, considering the rivals of the OLA scooters, these are pitched against the likes of Bajaj Chetak, TVS iQube and also a little more expensive Ather 450X. Let us know in the comment section, which electric two-wheeler should we compare the OLA S1 and S1 Pro with?

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Utkarsh Bhardwaj
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