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Old Car Features That Only 90s-00s Kids Will Remember!

Cars today have become super modern. Everything moves with the touch of a button or even a voice command. However, old car features did have a certain charm to them, an unbeatable charm. From cassette tapes to radio antennas, let’s see some old car features that only the kids from the 90s-00s will remember.

  1. Manual Windows

    Remember the lowkey arm workout we used to do just to get some air in our cars? The manual windows used a pulley mechanism and the windows had to be manually rolled down with the help of a lever. Roll it up and roll it down, that’s the most fun you’d have in a car like that as a child!

    Unique car features
    Manual Windows
  2. Removable Audio Systems

    Yes, one of the most common old car features is the removable audio system. Well, back then, breaking into a car was comparatively easier, and the most stolen item would be the radio system. So OEMs decided to provide the buyers with a removable audio system.

    Unique car features
    Single Din Stereos
  3. Radio Antenna 

    Back when Bluetooth, CarPlay, and AndroidAuto weren’t common, we used to listen to the radio. And we had no shark fin antennas either, old cars had a thin metal rod for an antenna. We had to manually pull out the antenna for it to catch some signals and let us hear the voice of Anu Malik! Some cars were a bit more expensive, and these would get electrically operated antennas. Trust me, as a 90s kid, this was the coolest old car feature!

    Manual Car Antennas
    Manual Car Antennas
  4. Oddly positioned gear lever

    Indian cars from the 80s-90s used to have the gear lever on the left side of the steering wheel. Now, this wasn’t the sophisticated automatic transmission lever like we see on current Mercedes cars. This was a proper manual gear lever and you had to keep paddling between gears 1 – 4!

    Premier Padmini Column Gear Lever
    Premier Padmini Column Gear Lever
  5. Choke

    Back in the days when start/stop buttons were a dream, we used to have a choke. One of the most useful old car features, the choke was used when your car wouldn’t start. Just engage the choke and let it do its magic! What the choke essentially did was pump more fuel into the engine and increase the idle RPMs, helping the engine to warm up easily.

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What are your favourite old car features? Let us know in the comments below!

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