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Passion Is Born Dumb & Deaf: Mechanics Of GoMechanic

As the saying goes, passion is born deaf and dumb. For the fifth iteration of MGM, we bring you Pramod, a Divyang (differently abled) by birth.

He might be unable to express himself by responding to the events occurring in his surroundings. However, actions speak louder than words, Pramod is best in what he does at our GoMechanic garage, and we feel proud to have him. Through the video, we attempted for unspoken and unheard voices to reach everyone.

Pramod is an educated fellow; he can read and write, as he went to school till 6th standard. Family responsibilities made him quit his education. Also, he isn’t aware of the sign language used, which makes it very difficult for him to communicate.

Pramod also feels delighted while detailing cars at our GoMechanic garage and surely does better than most people. He dreams of learning mechanical work and all the expertise involved. He is fond of driving cars and bikes, but it’s not safe for him due to his disability.

When asked how everyone behaves towards him in the garage, he gives a thumbs up with a big smile. Our workplaces are free from discrimination and applaud everyone who wants to learn. The team at GoMechanic is immensely happy to have him, and we will always keep supporting such god gifted people.

Karan Rawat
Karan Rawathttps://gomechanic.in/blog
Confucius did not specify moto-journalism when he penned everything in the 6th century B.C. Nevertheless, a proverb from him loosely rendered reads as "fancy something you love, and you will never have to work a single day in your life." My love for anything with wheels is like the moth's desire for the stars, the obsession with something beyond one's reach and means, and in part, we are all remains of unfulfilled dreams.


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