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What’s The Point Of A Concept Car?

Every company has a set of concept cars, which might not make it to production. The petrol-heads are familiar with the term, and new concepts are seen at every auto-expo. Given the technological developments, the newer concepts are crazily good; the most bizarre designs never make it to production but What is the point of a concept car?

  • What are concept cars?

    All-Electric Toyota Innova! | Concept Or Reality?
    All-Electric Toyota Innova! | Concept Or Reality?

    Concept cars do seem very attractive, but they rarely make it to production. As the name suggests, it showcases a concept and helps test and explore new design ideas and hit new milestones while expanding the boundaries.

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    Concept cars have almost nothing in common compared with the usual cars that go into production, and they differ immensely in terms of cost. Concept cars have outrageous designs with exaggerated interiors, and they are there to make the media and enthusiasts go crazy.

    A concept vehicle is a simple but expensive effort that draws a lot of attention while showcasing the craziest ideas at the Expos. They come in all shapes and sizes, and there is no limit on the variety when it comes to concept cars as companies at times spend millions on one concept, but they do give a glimpse of the future.

  • Why are they made?

    The Hyundai AX1 Concept Rendering

    DS, design director, Thierry Metroz, says, “A concept car is a development accelerator”.According to him, the role of a concept vehicle is to: “test the new technologies that we imagine for the future, and accelerate their development”.

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    Car companies have been making concept vehicles for decades and amazing the people with them. To date, they were usually petrol or diesel cars, but in the last few years, several electric concepts have been showcased. For example, the recent EV concepts by Tata are excellent.

  • Evaluating public response

    2020 concept hindustan ambassador
    2020 concept hindustan ambassador

    Concept vehicles are also a means to gather the public response and opinion on a particular idea and work accordingly in the future. These public responses can be beneficial as if the response to a design is hugely positive, and the later the production is feasible, the product could drive the sales figures up.

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    Similarly, if the design does not get much attention or any positive feedback, the company would know to discard the particular design to avoid further losses. They are a viable way to gather public opinion on the respective concepts, designs and technologies. Which concept amazed you the most?

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