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10 Most Popular Cars For Moms | #MothersDay Special ❤️

Moms bring out the best in us, so she deserves a car that brings out the best in her. From hatchbacks to SUVs, cars much like super moms, are known to be accommodating for all. So here are 5 cars that are perfect for moms who drive the world forward.

But before we begin, we would like to point out that while these 5 cars are quite well suited for moms, nonetheless, women being women can drive anything and everything she wants with ease! So let’s get started.

  1. Tata Punch

    Tata Punch Launched
    Tata Punch Launched

    A micro SUV that offers a commanding position of the road ahead, a compact dimension, ample space both in the boot as well in the cabin, and a 5-star safety rating, the Tata Punch is one of the best-suited cars for moms, who love to drive around the city as well the highway. To make things easier and more convenient the Punch is also offered with a 5-speed AMT with a 1.2-litre petrol engine.

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  2. Hyundai Grand i10 Nios

    Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS
    Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS

    A great hatchback from the house of Hyundai, the Grand i10 Nios offers a package that is easy to drive, good-looking, comfortable and offers one of the best AMT actuator responses in its segment, which directly translates into no-lag shifting. Interesting so, the Nios is also available with three different engine options, with two of them offering a 5-speed AMT along with a manual.

  3. Honda City

    Honda City 5th Gen
    Honda City 5th Gen

    The C-Segment queen for decades, the Honda City offers a luxurious feel with ample tech onboard and a spacious cabin for all the diverse needs. The sedan also offers a hassle-free 7-speed CVT onboard, which makes the drivability of the vehicle extremely fun. The sedan is as diverse as a woman’s and can be the best pick for a mom who loves to engage in the thrill of driving.

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  4. Kia Seltos

    2022 Kia Seltos Nightfall Edition
    2022 Kia Seltos Nightfall Edition

    An SUV that offers a lot in its package, the Kia Seltos along with providing a high and commanding view of the road, also comes with a beautiful looking package that pleases the eye. With a highly responsive engine, the Seltos offers not just the ease of CVT and DCT, but also the path-breaking convenience of iMT; providing the best of both worlds. With so much on board, the Seltos just cannot go wrong.

  5. Hyundai Creta

    Hyundai Creta Knight Addition

    One of the most loved SUVs in India, the Hyundai Creta is loved by both men and women alike. There is something about the vehicle that makes everyone fall in love, and rightly so. In its latest generation, the Creta combines great looks, ample features, easy to drive package and a diverse engine as well as a transmission lineup including iMT.

    So these were 5 cars that moms can enjoy driving. And while women are beautiful in all the roles they play, there’s nothing that comes close to a mother. So happy mother’s day to you and your beautiful mother, wherever she is.

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