Driving after coronavirus might get tougher. The lockdown 3.0 is still going on. Now, we don’t want to sound pessimistic at all, but we don’t know what lies ahead. We might even have to adapt ourselves as the COVID-19 wants us to. So, keeping that in mind change is expected in every walk of our lives.

One of the primary ones is – driving.

While we didn’t consider driving around in our cars a herculean task, things might change. Some stringent rules might turn up, some precautions should be taken. Let’s look at some of the things that you shall consider while driving after the lockdown ends.

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1. Beware of things you touch

Driving After Coronavirus
Driving After Coronavirus

Touch is the primary source of infection. While you drive, you go to places and touch a number of things. Some studies have gone on to state that fuel pumps might contain up to 11, 835 times more germs than a public toilet seat.

Ensure that while you are outside you touch a minimum number of things. Keep a pair of gloves in your car and hand sanitiser at all times.

2. Hand Sanitiser in Your Car

Hand sanitisers | Driving After Coronavirus
Hand sanitisers | Driving After Coronavirus

Always. We repeat, always have a bottle of hand sanitiser in your car. This fact cannot be stressed upon much. Keeping a handy bottle of sanitiser in your car isn’t a tough thing to do when your life depends on it.

Always use the sanitiser when you enter the car before you touch anything. In case, you want to be extra sure, sanitise the areas which you come into contact with frequently. Door handles, gear lever, handbrakes, AC buttons, steering wheel and so on.

3. Pair of Gloves

Disposable gloves | Precautions while driving
Disposable gloves | Precautions while driving

Modern problems require not so modern solutions. While you are out, you come into contact with different things. Now, no matter how much you want you cannot defy that.

Tackle it with a pair of disposable gloves. Take precautions while driving and also while you get out of the car.

4. Try Avoiding Ride-share

Avoid ride sharing
Avoid ride sharing

Try avoiding ride-sharing apps for some time now. While you might take all the precautions, you never know what lies ahead.

However, if it gets necessary, then make sure that the person travelling with you takes the same precautions. Disinfect your hands while you get out of the car and wear a mask at all times.

5. Clean High Touch Areas

Clean the dashboard
Clean the dashboard

Areas which are frequently touched shall be cleaned frequently. The parts like AC controls, infotainment system, AC vents, steering and so on. In short, everything that is touched frequently shall get cleaned. Period.

6. Don’t Forget the Back Seat

Rear Seats
Rear Seats

While you might take all the precautions, the back seat might get ignored. Don’t make that mistake. Back seats unknowingly might carry a lot of uninvited and invisible guests. Make sure that you disinfect the back seats from time to time.

7. Driving after coronavirus with passengers? Follow the rules.

Desperate times, call for desperate measures. Now, we might suggest, you avoid co-passengers at all, if possible. However, if that isn’t possible, make sure they are as clean as you are.

Don’t let emotions come in the middle. Make sure that they follow the same precautionary measures as you do. You don’t want someone else’s mistake take a toll on you. Driving after the coronavirus might make you lose some friends, but that’s okay.

8. Don’t forget the boot

Boot space
Boot space

If you are carrying something in the boot, disinfect it with the correct products. Start with disinfecting the thing you are carrying, and after you are done, clean the boot.

You might think its just harmless groceries, but the harm can’t be seen here. So, do a bit and clean the boot. While it’s not just driving after the coronavirus that matters but how you travel as well.

9. Crack the windows to air out the car

Opening rear windows will pump out hot air
Opening rear windows will pump out hot air

Cracking the window open in between rides can freshen up the cabin. Yes, AC might seem feasible in the scorching months of heat that’s going to follow, but windows might be the right option. While driving, crack the window down for a few minutes.

10. Contactless payments wherever you go

While this might be applicable in general day to day guidelines, it surely makes sense in driving as well. Try making contactless payments wherever possible. Tolls, fuel stations, drive-throughs etc. This might reduce physical contact and hence chances of infection.

Conclusion | Driving After Coronavirus

We don’t know what lies ahead. All we know for now is that we might’ve to adapt ourselves. The human race has come out of a lot of horrific things, and this is one of them.

Driving after Coronavirus might not remain the same, as it used to. Let’s follow some needed precautions and do our bit. In addition, we highly advise you to completely sanitise your car inside out.

You can download the GoMechanic app and book a COVID-19 Revival package for your car. Car sanitisation package starts at just ₹1699

GoMechanic COVID19 Revival Package
GoMechanic COVID19 Revival Package

Download here: GoMechanic App for Android

GoMechanic Covid-19 Car Revival Package include:

  1. Engine oil top-up
  2. Coolant top-up
  3. Battery Jumpstart
  4. Battery water top-up
  5. AC Disinfection
  6. Interior Dry Cleaning
  7. Interior Sanitization
  8. Exterior Car Wash
  9. Wheel Alignment/Balancing
  10. Tyre Tread Inspection
  11. 25-Point Car Inspection

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