Want To Transfer RC? You Can Now Do It Online!

rc transfer online

With most of the car registration services now available to perform online, another one joins the list, car ownership transfer. There is a catch though. You can only fill the form online and would still need to physically go to an RTO to submit the said form.

Now Transfer RC Online!

Types Of Ownership Transfer

To transfer RC there are three different cases. Transfer in case of a normal sale, transfer in case of death of the owner and transfer of owner when the vehicle is purchased in a public auction.

In case of a normal sale, when a vehicle is sold, the name of the purchaser is noted as the registered owner in place of the previous registered owner. To transfer ownership Form 29 has to be filled by the person selling the car from the official website of the government and Form 30 has to be filled by the person getting the car.

In the case of death of the registered owner, the new owner is the legal heir of the deceased and he/ she can use the vehicle for three months without needing to transfer ownership only after informing the registering authority of the death of the previous owner within thirty days. He/She also has to inform the authority about the intention to use the vehicle. Form 31 needs to be filled in this case

In case of purchasing the vehicle form, a public auction its similar to the normal case and form 32 is to be submitted within thirty days.

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Documents required to transfer RC

Along with the respective forms depending upon the above-stated criteria following are required to be eligible for an RC transfer online.

  • Certificate of registration
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Certificate of pollution under control
  • PAN card (seller and purchaser)
  • Chassis & Engine Pencil Print
  • Proof of Date of Birth of purchaser
  • Proof of address
  • R.C. Book
  • Purchaser’s undertaking
  • Passport size photograph
  • Tax clearance certificate

How To Transfer RC Online

To transfer RC online simply go to the government website parivahan.gov.in create an account and fill in the details necessary. a fee of 525 INR will be required when you transfer RC online. After filling the form download it and submit it in the RTO that you selected upon filling the said form.

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