Rumour! Renault Duster Might Get Discontinued

Duster getting discontinued

It’s time to pay homage to the car which somewhat set a new benchmark for a sub-compact SUV in India. It is the Renault Duster we are after. From the day it was launched till today, Renault Duster has been the weapon of choice for those who living life off the edge. But sadly, there are some rumours that this French carmaker, Renault might pull the plug on this potent SUV Duster.

Renault Duster Adventure Edition

Renault Duster was among the first vehicles to establish the compact SUV segment in India. But worry not, as per the reports, Renault might discontinue the Duster to bring in the new generation of the SUV.

What is the Renault Duster Like?

Renault Duster Turbo Launch In August

Well to begin the time when Renault Duster was launched, it was among the most potent and versatile vehicles in its segment. At the time of launch, Renault Duster came with a couple of diesel engines and a petrol motor.

  • It was the diesel, that was the best selling vehicle in its price range. Under the hood, the SUV came powered by a 1.5-Lire turbo diesel engine. This motor was offered in 2 states of tunes, 85ps and 110ps.
  • In addition to that, late in its life, Duster was *THE* cheapest SUV to come with an AWD drivetrain. This gave the Duster the go-anywhere attitude.
  • It was 2020, after the implementation of the BS6 emission norms, Duster was updated with a new powerful turbo petrol engine. It is a 1.3-litre turbo petrol engine that was capable of generating 154ps of max power and 254Nm of maximum torque.
Renault Duster Turbo

What are Renault’s Future Plans?

New Renault Duster

Over the years, Renault has given the Duster subtle cosmetic updates but nothing big was done. So, this hampered the overall sales of this SUV. Now, to get the sales up and running, Renault might soon discontinue the Renault Duster. But there is nothing to worry about, the company may launch the new generation in the newer future. It is the time that will recite the future story on Renault in India.

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